$250,000 Car Accident Settlement in Anne Arundel County

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer, Bryan Chant, of LTH Law Secures $250,000 Car Accident Settlement in Anne Arundel CountyLeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton P.A. is pleased to announce that Partner Bryan J. Chant secured a settlement of $250,000 against a delivery driver who crossed the center line crashing into the firm’s client in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Our client underwent various treatment but ultimately relied on radiofrequency ablations, which are also called rhizotomies or radiofrequency neurotomies to alleviate his persistent pain. The delivery driver’s insurance company opposed the claim at nearly every turn making offers representing mere fractions of the claim’s value.

Through litigation, Bryan J. Chant forced the insurance company to pay the fair value of the firm’s client’s claim.

Partner Bryan J. Chant has a wealth of experience litigating cases involving radiofrequency ablations, also known as rhizotomy or radiofrequency neurotomies. For more information, call our firm at 800-547-4529 or contact us online. We help injured victims throughout Maryland.