Baltimore Train Accident Lawyers

Our Baltimore Lawyers Handle Challenging Maryland Train Accident Cases

Recover Damages for Injuries That Occur on the Train, Tracks, or in the Station

Trains provide reliable, cost-effective transportation for passengers and goods throughout Maryland and along the east coast corridor, often without incident. However, because the train cars weigh thousands of tons and reach high speeds, a conductor or company error can quickly turn train travel into a disaster. Catastrophic accidents will dominate headlines and make for riveting television, but many more thousands of less dramatic accidents occur annually. For the victims, these accidents are equally devastating.

Maryland train accident lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. advocate for the rights of clients injured in car, train,  truck, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents. We give you the respect and compassion you deserve as we pursue the justice and compensation to which you are entitled.

Defendants in a Train Accident Case

Often multiple parties are liable for accidents involving trains. Our legal team investigates whether the conductors, railroad corporations and municipal government should be held accountable. We have handled claims against:

  • Cargo transport railroads
  • Inter- and intrastate passenger railroads
  • Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) Light Rail

Auto and Pedestrian Accidents

From the tracks, it is almost impossible to comprehend how fast the train is approaching. For this reason, railroad companies have a duty to protect drivers and pedestrians who need to cross the tracks. Our lawyers determine whether any party breached its duty by dangerously allowing:

  • Broken crossing signals
  • Lack of warning whistles
  • No signs posted to warn pedestrians and drivers
  • Train speeding through populated areas
  • Unmarked railroad crossings

Hazards to Passengers on the Train and at the Station

While on the train or at the station, pedestrians are at risk of injuries because of hazardous conditions. We can review your case to determine if your injury was the result of negligence, such as:

  • Cracked pavement on platforms
  • Derailment from poorly maintained tracks
  • Falling luggage from overhead racks
  • Gaps between the train and platform
  • Ice or snow accumulation on station stairs or waiting areas
  • Open spaces between cars and unlocked doors while moving
  • Sudden braking
  • Violent assault at the station or on the train

Dangers of Freight Train Accidents to Maryland Communities

A wreck involving a freight train can affect an entire community, especially if the cargo is highly flammable, volatile or toxic. An explosion can damage nearby buildings and injure the people inside. A long-burning fire can release poisons into the environment or chemical spills can pollute the air, drinking water and soil, causing immediate acute illnesses and chronic diseases. In such disasters, a train company may quickly make low settlement offers to members of an affected community. It is important to speak with a Baltimore train accident lawyer at our law firm before agreeing to any settlement. Your case may be worth significantly more than you are initially offered.

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