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Dangers of Black Ice

Drivers expect that snow and ice may cause hazards on the road for which they must prepare, but many motorists forget about the insidious nature of black ice. Black ice makes roads slick, does not appear to the naked eye at first glance, and creates one of the most dangerous conditions that a driver may… Read More

AAA Warns About the Dangers of Aging Headlights

A vehicle’s headlights are meant to illuminate the road at night, allowing the driver to see approaching vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and other objects in the road. They also alert others on the road that another vehicle is approaching. If the headlights are not bright enough, it can increase the risk of serious car accidents. According… Read More

Crushing Injuries

Crushing injuries may originate with several types of accidents, especially motor vehicle and construction accidents. Injuries may be extremely grave for the victim and may result in a fatality if not properly treated. Before discussing the causes and symptoms of a crush injury, it is helpful to understand what a crush injury is. A crushing… Read More

Steps to Take After a Car Accident Caused by Another Driver

Even the most responsible, experienced drivers can be involved in a serious car accident if other motorists fail to follow the rules of the road. When this happens, the stress of the accident can cause a great deal of shock and confusion, making it difficult to know exactly what to do next. There are important… Read More

Disturbing Trend in Traffic Fatalities Requires Immediate Action

Despite significant improvements in safety technology, and other traffic solutions, such as seat belt enforcement and speed cameras, there was an uptick in fatal accidents in the Baltimore region in 2018. From Washington, D.C. to Prince George’s County, fatal accidents involving pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists continued to occur at an alarming rate. The Vision Zero… Read More

Portion of Revenue from Speed Cameras Allocated to Traffic Safety

A new bill was recently introduced at a Baltimore County Council meeting that would reallocate 25 percent of the revenue generated by speed cameras toward several traffic safety programs. Councilman David Marks introduced the bill at the December meeting, saying that they receive constant requests for traffic improvements, but there is never enough money to… Read More

Unrestrained Children in Cars May Constitute Child Abuse

In 2016, 723 children under the age of 12 were fatally injured in car accidents across the country. More than one-third of these children were not properly restrained at the time of their fatal accidents. New legislation would impose harsh penalties on parents who fail to properly secure their children in the car. The bill… Read More

Unusual Forms of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can cause serious car accidents resulting in significant injuries and even fatality. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports over 3,500 individuals suffer fatal injuries each year in distracted driving accidents. Almost 500,000 more people are injured as a result of distracted driving. Drivers in their 20s are most likely to be… Read More

Speed Limit Lowered to Improve Safety at Dangerous Maryland Intersection

Speeding is one of the main causes of serious car accidents. The faster a car is going, the more devastating the property damage and injuries are likely to be. Residents of Bethesda, Maryland are all too familiar with this problem, as motorists continue to exceed the speed limit along a dangerous stretch of River Road…. Read More

Car Seat Safety in Winter

Keeping children warm during the winter months is a major safety concern for parents. However, while bundling children up is a good way to protect them from the elements, it also poses a hazard when it comes to car seats. Many parents who are unaware of the risks mistakenly keep their children in bulky coats… Read More

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