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Open Recalls on Rideshare Vehicles Put Passengers at Risk

The next time you arrange for transportation with Uber or Lyft, consider the fact that a percentage of these vehicles may have major safety issues. In fact, according to data supplied to CARFAX, a significant number of vehicles that have unfixed recalls, defective parts, or other safety issues, are registered with Uber or Lyft. Many… Read More

School Bus Safety

School is back in session, which means thousands of students will be riding a bus to and from school each day. While there are very clear traffic laws in place about passing a stopped school bus, an alarming number of motorists fail to obey these laws, endangering the lives of children as they cross the… Read More

Majority of Drowsy Driving Accidents are Caused by Young Drivers  

Drowsy driving may not get the same kind of attention as drunk driving or distracted driving, but it can be just as dangerous. According to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association, an average of 328,000 drowsy-driving accidents occur every year in the United States. Over 50 percent of these crashes are caused by… Read More

Startling Increase in Fatalities Among Senior Drivers  

When the time comes to talk to an older family member about the possibility that they should no longer be driving, it can be a very difficult conversation to have. Losing one’s driving privileges means a loss of independence and the ability to be self-sufficient. Unfortunately, as seniors age, they are at a greater risk… Read More

Baltimore Residents Seek Improved Traffic Controls at Dangerous Intersection

For over 20 years, the section of Frederick Road between Thistle and Hillside roads has been known as Dead Man’s Curve and Devil’s Corner, thanks to the number of serious accidents that have occurred at that location over the years. Business owners and residents in the area are urging state officials to install new traffic… Read More

Safety Warning Issued After Flaws Found in Electronic Safety Systems

Electronic driver-assist systems are meant to prevent accidents by automatically applying the brakes or alerting the driver of an impending collision with a warning signal, often by a loud beeping noise. Unfortunately, some vehicles may not detect a parked or stopped vehicle until it is too late. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety… Read More

Pocket Your Cell Phone Before Crossing the Street

We all know that distracted driving is unsafe, irresponsible, and potentially fatal. Texting, talking, or checking social media while driving are just a few examples of distracted driving behavior that can cause serious car accidents. Distracted walking, however, is an issue that does not get nearly the amount of attention and publicity as distracted driving…. Read More

Using Drones to Reconstruct Crash Scenes

Drones have been used by state and local law enforcement and emergency response teams for everything from tracking wildfires to conducting rescue missions. Recently, a growing number of police agencies have been using drones to determine the cause of car accidents that occur across the country. Using these small unmanned aircrafts, police officers are able… Read More

Establishing Liability in a Personal Injury Case

The process of determining liability in personal injury cases can be more complicated than you might think. While you might assume that anytime you are injured, whether it be from a slip and fall accident, a medical error, or a traffic accident, that you will recover damages, this is not always the case. Injuries can… Read More

Internet Dance Challenge Takes a Dangerous Turn

It seems like more bizarre and dangerous internet challenges pop up every day. From the Cinnamon Challenge, where participants had to eat a spoonful of cinnamon, to the Mannequin Challenge, where a room full of people remain still while a camera pans over each person, many of these viral phenomena are sillier than anything else…. Read More

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