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How can I Travel Safely Over the Thanksgiving Holiday?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but the global pandemic is forcing people to rethink their holiday plans and reconsider the traditional indoor feast with a house full of family and friends. In fact, it has raised a whole host of safety issues, from the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to whether it is safe… Read More

What Should I Do if My Accident was Caused by an Auto Recall?

Since the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act was established in 1966, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recalled more than 390 million cars and other types of vehicles, 66 million pieces of motor vehicle equipment, and 46 million tires. Despite the large number of auto recalls, auto safety defects continue to… Read More

How Does Volvo Protect Pregnant Women While Driving?

Although it is horrific to think about, a study conducted by the University of Michigan showed that nearly 200,000 car wrecks a year involve pregnant women, most often in their second or third trimester. Other studies suggest that hundreds of fetal deaths a year can be attributed to car wrecks. An experienced car wreck lawyer… Read More

How can I Safely Use a GPS or Other Navigational Device?

Today, most drivers have a Global Positioning System (GPS) or another navigational device in their vehicle. Many drivers use a cell phone-based system such as Google Maps or Waze. Although navigational technology is helpful, GPS systems are also the source of a sizeable number of car accidents, injuries, and even deaths because they can be… Read More

Changes Coming to Social Security Disability in 2021

2021 is a highly anticipated new year, especially for those who currently receive or plan on filing for social security benefits. Many people rely on social security payouts to provide for themselves and their family. There are many changes that will be implemented in 2021 that will benefit those who need social security disability benefits… Read More

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Wreck?

Car wrecks continue to be an unfortunate reality, despite the advances in safety technology. Whether the wreck is a minor fender bender or a serious head-on collision, victims can suffer a range of injuries and minor to extensive property damage. Some motorists may avoid hiring a car wreck lawyer to save time and money. However,… Read More

How Do I Prove My Car Accident was Caused by a Speeding Driver?

Speeding is one of the most common causes of car accidents in the United States. Speeding-related accidents often result in significant property damage and serious injuries as a result of the extreme force of the impact. The faster the motorist is driving, the more severe the property damage and injuries are likely to be. When… Read More

How can I Avoid a Car Accident When Driving at Night?

Summer is officially over, which means that it is getting darker earlier. With the shorter days and longer nights comes an increased risk for car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), fatal car accidents are three times more likely to occur at night compared to during the daytime. These risks are… Read More

Who is Liable for a Car Accident Caused by a Medical Condition?

Some of the most common causes of car accidents include speeding, drunk driving, drowsy driving, and distracted driving. In most cases, determining fault for these types of accidents is a straightforward process. However, if a motorist has a medical condition that causes an accident, the process of determining liability becomes complicated. For example, if the… Read More

What Steps Should I Take If I Lose a Loved One in a Car Accident?

There is no question that car accidents can be extremely stressful and traumatic for the motorists involved, particularly when the accident causes extensive property damage and serious injuries. However, damage to the vehicle can often be repaired and injuries usually heal when treated properly. Losing a family member in a sudden accident is devastating. Although… Read More

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