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Rising Sun Church Bus Crash Injures Four Children

Four children sustained personal injuries in a church bus crash that took place in Rising Sun, Maryland.  Around 8:45 pm, on Wednesday night, the accident occurred involving a bus, which contained six occupants including the bus driver, and an SUV. The SUV and the bus collided at the intersection of Northeast Road and England Creamery » Read More

Older Teens More Prone to Car Accidents

In most cases, a little confidence can go a long way; however, when you are a teenager, too much confidence can lead to an increased likelihood of becoming involved in a car accident. According to a new study recently featured on CBS Baltimore, older teenagers are more prone to car crashes than newly licensed, younger » Read More

The Dangers of Putting Your Feet on the Dashboard

A Georgia woman who was severely injured in a car accident because she had her feet on the car’s dashboard is using her experience to warn others of the danger of riding in this position. She suffered a broken nose, ankle, femur, and arm when airbags deployed, causing her foot, which was resting on the » Read More

Examining the Effectiveness of Pedestrian Detection Systems  

When there is an accident involving a pedestrian and a vehicle, the pedestrian is much more likely to be seriously injured than the individual in the motor vehicle. Certain car manufacturers have begun to offer pedestrian detection systems in their cars as a way to alert the driver that there is a pedestrian in the » Read More

Several Hospitalized After Vehicle Crash Fire in Germantown

Several individuals required hospitalization after a vehicle crash fire occurred in Germantown, Maryland. On Tuesday morning, around 8:09 am, two vehicles crashed on the southbound lanes of Route 355, and upon impact, one of the cars set on fire. The accident caused non-life-threatening injuries for the victims. A crash between two vehicles can be serious » Read More

Bethesda House Fire Causes Fatality and Hospitalizes Another

A house fire in Bethesda, Maryland caused a fatality for one man and hospitalized another occupant of the home. On Sunday afternoon, around 4:30 pm, firefighters responded to the fire after witnessing smoke coming from all three levels of the home. The 31-year-old man, who escaped from the house, informed the respondents that his friend » Read More

Safety Tips for Driving During the Fall Season

Summer is winding down and fall is gearing up, which means the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, it is getting dark earlier, and kids are back in school. All of these things can create unpredictable and potentially dangerous driving conditions. Whether you are a newly licensed teen driver or you have decades » Read More

Two Separate Pedestrian Accidents Occur Within Hour in Rockville

Two pedestrians were struck by cars in separate incidents on Thursday morning in Rockville, Maryland. The first pedestrian was hit around 7:54 am at the intersection of Richard Montgomery Drive and Rockville Pike. After the original incident was cleared, a second pedestrian was hit while crossing in the same intersection around 8:42 am. Although no » Read More

The High Rate of Speeding Fatalities on Local Roads

When it comes to speed-related fatalities, one might assume that most of these wrecks occur on interstate highways. However, according a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) study, speed-related car accidents are three times more likely to occur on local roads. The study points to high speed limits and outdated methods for determining them as the » Read More

Pedestrian Fatally Struck by Baltimore City Garbage Truck

A pedestrian was fatally struck by a Baltimore City garbage truck on Tuesday afternoon. Around 2:45 pm, the 46-year-old man was crossing in an intersection when the garbage truck hit him. Although he was taken to the hospital for treatment, he succumbed to his fatal injuries shortly after arriving. Pedestrians are protected by traffic laws, » Read More

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