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Can I Develop Tinnitus From a Car Accident?

You may notice the effects of the car accident in the days following the crash. You can develop tinnitus in numerous ways, which is a debilitating ringing in your ears. This condition can remain with you for an extended period of time or even permanently. Tinnitus is a compensable condition, and the other driver would… Read More

Are New Truck Drivers Dangerous?

The experience and skill level of the truck driver makes a difference. Since trucking companies are not legally obligated to give their drivers extensive training before they begin work, you rely on the truck driver to know how to control their truck and respond to challenging situations. When the driver is less experienced, you are… Read More

What if the Repair Shop Caused Damage to My Car?

You trust your car to a mechanic, and you pay them a lot of money to fix it. They may not have done the work that you were expecting. You may not realize it until their poor workmanship caused you to be injured in a car accident. If the mechanic’s negligence was to blame for… Read More

What if the At-Fault Driver Lies About Their Role in the Accident?

After you have been injured in a car accident, you would report the crash to the insurance company. You would give them details of what happened based on your perspective and vantage point. At the same time, the other driver is doing the same with their insurance company. The two stories may be inconsistent with… Read More

What Should I Do After an Accident Caused From a Truck Blind Spot?

Trucks are required to have blind spot mirrors. However, drivers do not always check or know how to use them properly. Drivers may have trouble seeing a certain distance from the truck’s front and back sides. Blind spots will make it challenging for truck drivers to change lanes, and they may not see vehicles. If… Read More

What Are the Most Common Distractions for Drivers That Lead to Car Accidents?

Unfortunately, drivers tend to do many things behind the wheel that can lead to accidents. Distracted driving is a leading cause of severe car accidents. Here are some of the top causes of distracted driving car accidents in the United States. Smartphone Use By far, the most common distraction for drivers is the smartphone. Drivers… Read More

Can Evidence of Cell Phone Use at the Time of a Collision Be Discovered?

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of serious car accidents. There is little chance for the other motorist to avoid a distracted driver because they are so unpredictable. To strengthen your claim, you may want proof that the other driver was on their phone during the accident. You may also need location records… Read More

What Is the Impact of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on My Credit Score?

You need to consider numerous things before filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There will be an impact on your credit score. However, you may find that the benefits of Chapter 7 bankruptcy far outweigh the cons. Working with an experienced attorney, you may find that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best option. The main benefit… Read More

Can I Sue an Owner-Operator Truck Driver for My Injuries?

In many cases, the truck driver is employed by the trucking company. Then, you could sue the trucking company because they are the ones who are legally responsible for the actions of their employees that were committed within the scope of their employment. The truck driver involved in the accident is not always an employee… Read More

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits in Maryland: Steps to Take if You Are a Victim

While the statute of limitations would give you up to three years to file a lawsuit, there are steps that you need to take now to put yourself in a better position to receive financial compensation for a medical malpractice claim. Hire a Lawyer Perhaps the most immediate thing you need to do after medical… Read More

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