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Safety Features that Every Car Should Have

Car manufacturers continue to develop safety technology that makes today’s motor vehicles safer than ever. For decades, safety belts were one of the only safety features that protected motorists from serious injuries. While seat belts continue to reduce the chance of being injured by close to 50 percent, there are a wide range of advanced… Read More

Determining Liability in Ice-Related Car Accidents

As we head into the cold winter months, most of the leaves on the trees have fallen, the temperatures continue to drop, and the weather forecast will start to include winter storm warnings. Driving becomes much more treacherous, particularly when the roads are covered in snow, ice, or freezing rain. One of the most dangerous… Read More

Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety Program

Maryland Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) is making a push to promote a new road safety program that aims to protect against drunk driving on the state’s roadways. The Driven to Protect initiative is a national program that brings safety advocates and industry leaders together in support of new technology that promises to… Read More

How Vulnerable is My Car to Cyberattacks?

Smart technology has grown exponentially in the last decade. Its application has extended to phones, televisions, security systems, appliances, and even cars. Automobiles that are connected to the internet assist drivers by providing Global Positioning System (GPS) that gives directions and helps drivers avoid car accidents on their routes. Smart technology also provides information regarding… Read More

Distracted Driving Cameras to Issue Tickets for Violations

Today, it is a common occurrence that you will you see another motorist talking or texting while driving on a busy road or a highway. This causes a dangerous situation for every driver on the road. A proposed bill was recently introduced that would allow Montgomery County to install cameras to scan drivers that are… Read More

Common Mistakes Drivers Make in the Winter

Slippery roads and poor weather conditions make winter the worst season for car accidents. Snow and ice make winter driving particularly dangerous. Drivers can reduce hazards by recognizing dangers that are specific to this season and avoiding common driving mistakes. Watch Your Speed A common mistake that drivers make is following the posted speed limit… Read More

How Can I Obtain Maximum Compensation in My Car Accident Case?

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be stressful, overwhelming, and confusing, particularly if there were injuries and property damage involved. You may be tempted to handle the claims process on your own and avoid contacting a car accident lawyer. However, unless the accident was minor, you are much more likely to reach… Read More

New Details Emerge Involving Uber’s Self-Driving Car Crash

In March 2018, a 49-year-old woman was hit by an Uber vehicle as she was walking across the street with her bicycle outside of a crosswalk. Unfortunately, this tragic accident could have been avoided if Uber had a formal safety plan in place. The National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) released hundreds of pages of documents… Read More

When Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Car accidents can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, particularly if there are serious injuries involved. If the accident was a minor fender bender, it is unlikely that you will need to hire an attorney. However, when there is significant property damage and injuries involved, it is highly recommended that you consult with an experienced car… Read More

Distracted Driving as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

When you are driving, sometimes keeping your attention focused on the road 100 percent of the time is easier said than done. Distractions are everywhere, from children misbehaving in the backseat, to a deer unexpectedly darting across the road. Thanks to modern technology in today’s vehicles, smartphones, navigation systems, and advanced sound systems cause drivers… Read More

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