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How Do I Handle a Car Accident with an Uninsured Driver?

Getting into a car accident is bad enough, but when the other driver tells you they do not have insurance, things can get taken to a whole other level. It is not a cause for panic, even though the situation can seem quite dire at the outset. Some people will admit that they do not… Read More

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Claim after a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are some of the most devastating and destructive accidents, owing to the massive size and weight of a commercial truck compared with the average passenger vehicle. Oftentimes, it is the occupants of the passenger vehicles involved in the accident who suffer the most debilitating personal injuries that can include broken bones, organ damage,… Read More

Most Dangerous Spots for Baltimore Drivers

Car accidents of any severity leave many drivers feeling stressed and confused. Facing car repair bills, handling ongoing medical expenses, and filing legal claims while trying to recover from injuries can feel overwhelming. Many injured victims also must figure out if they are able return to work. It can be difficult to manage these problems… Read More

What Injuries Do Nurses Face in the Workplace? 

There is no question that nurses play a vital role in the health care system in the United States, from providing quality care to patients, performing a range of tests and health screenings, and partnering with physicians and other health care providers to ensure that the continuity of care is maintained. There are approximately three… Read More

Can Panic and Stress Lead to Car Accidents?

Anything that interferes with a driver’s thought processes could lead to a car accident. The effects of panic and stress on virtually any driver make it more likely for an accident to occur. Panic is especially bad because it means you have lost control of your emotions and likely are not thinking clearly. When you… Read More

Can My Employer Drug Test Me after a Work Accident? 

For many years, employers required mandatory drug testing following any accident that resulted in a worker becoming injured, typically because an injury took place, not for the circumstances leading to the accident. In many instances, employees who refused to submit to a drug screening were terminated for doing so. Employers reasoned that testing was required… Read More

Can a Car Wreck Make Scoliosis Worse?

Experts estimate that two to three percent of the population has a spine condition called scoliosis. Someone with scoliosis has an abnormal curvature of the spine that can cause persistent back pain and uneven posture that causes them to lean to one side or the other. Trauma to the back and body can absolutely worsen… Read More

How Are Truck Accident Injuries Different from Car Accident Injuries?

In the United States, there are more than 37 million large commercial trucks in circulation throughout the nation’s roadways. It is virtually impossible to travel major interstates and not encounter these massive vehicles along the way. Semi-trucks are vitally important to our daily lives, transporting food, medicines, clothing, equipment, automobiles, and many other essential goods… Read More

Where Are Semi-Truck Accidents Most Common?

The United States relies heavily on the commercial trucking industry to transport food, medicines, medical equipment, and commercial products we use daily, along with delivering our mail and packages. Trucking in the United States is big business. Total revenue of the trucking industry exceeds $791 billion annually, with a total operating revenue of $419 billion…. Read More

Are Self-Driving Cars Safe on the Road?

There has been a steady annual increase of the number of car wrecks and traffic fatalities directly related to distracted and impaired driving in the United States. This data also applies to the state of Maryland, particularly Baltimore. Many motorists are excited about the latest impact of artificial application: the self-driving car. Also known as… Read More

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