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MDOT MVA Launches Campaign for Seat Belt Usage

The Maryland Department of Transportation and Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) recently announced its newest campaign, Seat Belts Look Good on You. The campaign aims to encourage seat belt usage amongst the nation’s most stubborn demographic: teenagers. The campaign follows the results of the statewide 2019 Roadside Observation Seat Belt Survey. The survey results indicated… Read More

Rail Crossing Safety for Drivers

A recent car accident at a rail crossing in Baltimore County has left the driver of the vehicle with life-threatening injuries. The accident has pushed Baltimore County officials to make the rail crossing safer. The driver of the vehicle reportedly had to undergo two surgeries for his life-threatening injuries. However, he is expected to recover…. Read More

Automated Safety Features Help Reduce Crashes

Thanks to the latest advances in safety technology, today’s cars are safer than ever. In fact, according to a recent study by General Motors (GM), automatic emergency braking reduced rear-end crashes by 46 percent and reverse automatic braking lowered backout crashes by 81 percent. The technology increases the price of the car and repairs can… Read More

Peak in Fatalities from Running Red Lights

Running a red light may get you more than just a ticket, according to a recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The study found that the number of people that were killed by motorists who drove through red lights reached a 10-year high, resulting in at least two fatalities per day in… Read More

Essex Truck Crash with MTA Bus Injures Eight Victims

A truck crash with an MTA bus injured eight individuals on Monday afternoon. The accident occurred around 3 pm in Essex, Maryland when a pickup truck slammed into the side of the bus on Eastern Boulevard and Taylor Avenue. Both drivers received hospitalization and the other victims went to local hospitals for treatment of their… Read More

Updates to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Most cars that were manufactured within the past several years are equipped with smartphone-based infotainment systems that offer a range of interactive features, such as navigation, audio, and phone features. Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto systems are updating their technology, but consumers will not need to learn how to navigate a vehicle’s new built-in… Read More

Companies Avoid Responsibility for Crashes Involving Third-Party Drivers

Today, you can find just about anything on Amazon and have it shipped to your doorstep for free, in just two days. That fast delivery does not come without a price. According to an investigation by ProPublica, since June 2015, there have been over 60 accidents involving Amazon delivery contractors that resulted in serious injuries,… Read More

Main Causes of Speed-Related Car Accidents

Speeding is one of the most common causes of fatal car accidents in this country. A recent study determined what causes drivers to exceed the speed limit. Interestingly, they found that posted speed limits did not influence speeding, but they discovered several factors that did, including age, gender, the type of road, and time of… Read More

Safety Tips When Driving Through a Construction Zone

Road construction workers and road maintenance workers are subjected to one of the most dangerous work environments as cars and trucks speed by their work area, sometimes traveling in excess of 55 miles per hour. Construction zone car accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Many factors contribute to construction zone car accidents, but… Read More

Will Cameras Replace Traditional Car Mirrors?

Since December, European and Japanese car companies have been selling cars equipped with cameras instead of side mirrors. Current federal regulations do not yet allow camera-based rear or side-vision systems. However, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is considering how to catch up on technology that Europe and Japan have already approved. The… Read More

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