Are New Truck Drivers Dangerous?

The experience and skill level of the truck driver makes a difference. Since trucking companies are not legally obligated to give their drivers extensive training before they begin work, you rely on the truck driver to know how to control their truck and respond to challenging situations. When the driver is less experienced, you are more at risk.

Trucking Companies Are Dealing With Driver Shortages

Many headlines have focused on the fact that trucking companies cannot find enough people to drive the trucks. Older truck drivers are retiring or are leaving the field entirely. Trucking companies have been forced to scramble to keep their trucks running and make deliveries on time.

Trucking companies are taking different angles to deal with the driver shortage. Very few are paying the increased wages required to hire more experienced drivers. Many are turning to less experienced drivers to save money and keep their profit margins high.

Congress recently made it easier for trucking companies to hire younger drivers. Now, drivers as young as 18 can make cross-country trips for trucking companies. While there is a larger possible labor force for the trucking company, hiring new drivers who may not know how to operate a truck safely comes through hiring new drivers.

Experienced Drivers Know Their Trucks Better

Commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. These are sophisticated vehicles that rely on systems and expensive parts to run. If any of these systems or parts go down while the driver is on the road, it can cause a severe truck accident. An experienced truck driver may be able to tell that something is wrong with the truck in enough time to pull over and avoid an accident. They are far more in tune and aware of their rig. They may be better able to respond when there is a sudden and dire threat, such as a tire blowout. An inexperienced truck driver may not realize the problem until too late.

Inexperienced Drivers May Not Know When to Rest

Truck drivers must also be in tune with their bodies and know when they can best drive. Younger truck drivers may not know when the best and safest time to drive is. Even though they may follow the hours of service rules, the driver may still be on the road when they are not at their best and most alert. They may not understand their limitations. Fatigued driving can cause a severe accident when the driver does not know when to rest.

Experienced Drivers Are More Precise

Operators must execute a continuous series of small yet precise maneuvers to drive a truck safely. For example, they must be very precise in their steering. They need to begin to brake well ahead of time because it can take up to a tenth of a mile for the truck to come to a complete stop. While nothing about driving a truck is routine, experienced drivers can better anticipate and deal with any challenges on the roadway.

The trucking company would be legally responsible for their driver’s actions when the operator was negligent. Your claim or lawsuit would be filed against the trucking company. You would have access to their assets and insurance policy.

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