What Industry Has the Most Workers’ Compensation Claims?

There are many dangerous professions in Maryland. One stands out above the rest as having the most risks for workers. The construction industry has the highest number of Workers’ Compensation claims in terms of numbers and percentages. Injured construction workers and anyone hurt on the job may be entitled to benefits.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), roughly 150,000 construction workers are injured annually in workplace accidents. Other estimates place the number of workers who will miss time from an injury each year at 130,000. Further, approximately 5,000 workers will die in a construction accident each year. Accident injuries comprise only a fraction of claims in construction injuries. Workers may also be injured from overexertion or exposure to toxic substances.

Construction Workers Can Be Injured in Many Ways

There are numerous risks that construction workers take every day when they show up to work. Here are some of the dangers of construction work:

  • Employers cutting corners on safety, placing their workers at risk.
  • Inadequate personal protection equipment (PPE) provided to workers.
  • Putting workers on the job without enough training.

Beyond the employer’s possible lack of care, other dangers at a construction site include:

  • Accidental impact with machinery.
  • Debris that flies around the site.
  • Slippery surfaces.
  • Working at heights.
  • Dangerous equipment.

All it takes is one moment for a worker to suffer a severe injury. It does not matter whether a construction worker was negligent themselves. Workers’ Compensation is a no-fault system that does not ask who was responsible for the accident. However, an injured worker cannot file a personal injury claim against their employer.

Truck Driving Is Another Dangerous Profession With Many Claims

Truck driving also has a very high rate of Workers’ Compensation claims. Truckers file roughly 50,000 to 70,000 claims each year. The most apparent cause of trucker injuries is accidents. Truck driver accident cases are among the most expensive claims because of the severity of the injuries.

Truck drivers may also suffer from occupational illnesses. The aging truck driver workforce means that operators are even more likely to get sick on the job. They are on the road at all hours, performing difficult work that requires them always to be alert. Drivers may develop physical conditions from sitting for long stretches.

Truck driving is among the most grueling professions, reflected in the number of claims filed yearly. However, there may be issues about whether a particular health condition is work-related, as the insurance company may claim that the truck driver’s illness was naturally occurring.

You May Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Regardless of your industry, you may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits when you have suffered a work-related injury. These benefits would cover the reasonable medical expenses to treat your injury and a portion of your lost wages. If you have suffered an injury at work, you may be able to negotiate a lump-sum settlement that would pay your benefits upfront.

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