What Are the Top Areas for Car Wrecks and Traffic Fatalities in Maryland?

Getting into a car wreck leaves many motorists feeling overwhelmed and confused. There are many issues to handle, such as paying for car repairs, dealing with ongoing medical bills, and filing multiple insurance claims. It can be difficult to face it all, while trying to recover from personal injuries and return to work. These problems are more common than Maryland drivers might realize.

Although Maryland continues to have lower rates of traffic fatalities than other states, Maryland drivers pay close to or above the United States average for car insurance rates. Additionally, they must carry auto insurance that covers more damage for both injury to persons and property per accident than the average for drivers in other states. Baltimore drivers in particular pay more for annual car insurance than the nationwide average.

Despite its lower-than-average traffic fatality rate, Maryland has been named the third worst state in the country for motorists because of speeding, halted braking, improper turning, and distracted driving. Maryland drivers have also been ranked among the worst in the rain and snowy weather. These are likely factors as to why Maryland drivers must carry auto insurance that covers more bodily injury and property damage than the average for drivers in other states.

Car accidents and resulting fatalities are consistently more likely to happen in some Maryland counties than others. It is helpful to be aware of these high-risk areas for car accidents, as well as the specific locations where traffic fatalities have occurred. Data reflects that Prince George’s County has the highest number of traffic fatalities, followed by Anne Arundel County, and Baltimore City. In all three of these Maryland locations, about 25 percent of car wrecks happen on county roads.

Prince George’s County

In Maryland, Prince George’s County is known as the area with the most deaths and serious injuries resulting from car accidents. There are also the highest number of pedestrian, motorcyclist, and bicyclist deaths caused by car accidents in this county.

Maryland Route 110 southbound, Kerby Hill Rd./Livingston Rd. to Palmer Road, is the traffic location in Prince George’s County where the most car accidents, as well as traffic fatalities, occur each year. Also referred to as Indian Head Highway, this county road is the most common place for traffic infractions related to impaired driving, speeding, aggressive driving, and distracted driving as well.

Anne Arundel County

The two most common car accidents spots in Anne Arundel County are:

  • Maryland 3 southbound, MD 175 to Waugh Chapel Road
  • Maryland 170 southbound, MD 176 to MD 174

Although the adjacent counties are more likely to see car accidents in general, statistics show that drivers in Anne Arundel County are at risk for more traffic fatalities in these locations each year.

Baltimore City

As previously noted, Baltimore drivers regularly pay a more for car insurance than the average American motorist. The main reason is that Baltimore City is home to numerous car accidents every year; all types of serious bodily injuries and property damage are often the consequence.

The most common spot for a car accident to occur in Baltimore City is county roadway Maryland 2 northbound, US 50 to MD 648 and Whites Road. Fatal traffic accidents are more likely to happen in this location than any other in Baltimore City.

Traffic Intersections

Car accidents that happen at traffic intersections usually result in the most devastating outcomes. Many car wrecks at intersections involve head-on collisions, which often cause the most severe injuries and fatal wounds.

There are several dangerous intersections in Maryland, including:

  • Route 50 and I-97
  • Eastbound Gorman Ave at southbound US 1, in Laurel
  • Northern Parkway at Jones Falls Expressway
  • Gwynn’s Falls Parkway at Reisterstown Road

In recent years, aggressive driving has been a hot talking point in Maryland. Motorists in the state have higher insurance requirements than other states, largely as a result of this widespread issue. Serious bodily injury and costly damage to vehicles are common results of car accidents caused by aggressive driving. These more common occurrences require Baltimore City drivers, as well as other Maryland motorists, to pay higher automobile insurance rates.

In Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, and Baltimore City, pedestrians and cyclists are also at high risk to be severely injured or killed because of a car accident. The risk of car wrecks for these vulnerable groups has not improved in over a decade. Therefore, it is always essential to remember the rules of the road, whether you are a driver, pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist.

It is also important to know your rights and options if you are involved in a car wreck. If you have been in a car accident, it is advisable to hire an experienced car wreck lawyer as soon as possible. You may need to file multiple claims, which can be a complex legal task. A car accident lawyer is knowledgeable of the proper procedures for filing all necessary paperwork to obtain full and fair compensation.

An experienced car wreck lawyer will handle the important details of your case from start to finish. You will be assured that the accident site is properly investigated, police and medical records are examined, and eyewitnesses are interviewed. This will allow you to focus on your physical and emotional injuries, while the lawyer takes care of the rest.

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