Common Car Accident Injuries

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Automobile crash victims can sustain severe permanent injuries even from a minor fender-bender. However, symptoms of serious injuries are not always immediately obvious. For this reason, our Maryland car accident lawyers urge victims of accidents to seek medical evaluation after a car wreck as soon as they can. In addition to increasing your chances of recovery and improved quality of life, your healthcare provider’s assessment about the cause, nature and extent of your injuries can be used to determine fault and calculate your rightful damages.

Head Trauma

Medline Plus attributes half of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) to auto accidents. Symptoms of mild TBI include cognitive problems, memory loss, communication impairments and mood changes. Severe TBI can lead to seizures, coma, vegetative states, minimally conscious states, locked-in syndrome or death. Because symptoms may not manifest for several days or weeks following your crash, you may not even realize you have sustained such a serious injury right after the crash.

Spinal Cord Damage

One of the most common causes of spinal cord injury is a car accident. The nature and severity of disabilities that can result from spinal injury depend on which vertebrae are damaged and to what degree. The functions and sensation of the area below the injured section of your spine are affected by interruptions in the transmission of signals to and from the brain. Complete nerve damage results in paralysis and organ dysfunction. Incomplete damage can cause partial paralysis, weakness, numbness, pain, sensory changes and organ problems.

Herniated Disks

The disks are spongy capsules filled with a jellylike substance that cushions your vertebrae. A forceful blow — as in a motor vehicle collision — can rupture a disk and cause the jellylike material to leak. Pressure on the surrounding nerves can cause debilitating pain, weakness and numbness that can affect an entire limb or region of your body. This is the case for sciatic pain triggered by lumbar disk herniation.


Baltimore car accident lawyers show an infographic of whiplash symptomsWhiplash describes soft-tissue injuries in the neck caused by the sudden jerking of your head. When a driver rear-ends your car, the seatbelt holds your body in place, but does not restrict the movement of your head. As your head is thrown forward and then snapped back, your neck’s muscles and ligaments are strained beyond their normal range of motion. Symptoms include pain and stiffness that may resolve in a few days, or last for years in the most serious cases.

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