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Columbia Workers’ Compensation LawyersMost people who are injured on the job fail to take full advantage of available Workers’ Compensation benefits. Employers are required by law to pay for Workers’ Compensation insurance. This insurance exists to provide compensation for lost wages, medical costs, and more to injured workers. Employees injured on the job need not establish fault or negligence in order to obtain benefits. Unfortunately, insurance companies and employers often wrongfully deny claims, or offer less than the injured worker is entitled to under the law. For this reason, injured workers are strongly advised to seek the assistance of an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer in Columbia to ensure their rights are protected.

Prior to enactment of Workers’ Compensation laws, if an injured employee wanted recourse for their injury or disability, they had to take their employer to court and prove negligence. Countless workers were left unable to work, and unable to support their families. Fortunately, the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission stepped in to protect workers by requiring employers to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Types of Injuries Covered

In general, all employment-related injuries are covered by Workers’ Compensation. On its face, this seems simple enough, but there are many gray areas. For example, just because an injury happened at work does not always mean it is compensable. Maryland Workers’ Compensation law requires that the injury arise out of and in the course of employment. In other words, the injury must have happened because of a work-related task, not just on the work site.

There are many types of injuries covered by Workers’ Compensation. Severe injuries including scaffolding fall injuries, burns, head trauma, and broken bones are typically covered. However, workplace accidents can happen to anyone, in any type of job. Office workers can suffer occupational injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome from typing. Factory workers can suffer repetitive motion injuries. Scientists and others who work around chemicals can suffer occupational exposure injuries, such as chemical burns or various types of cancer. Road crew members who tour with musicians can suffer hearing loss as a result of their job.

In Maryland, there are additional laws to protect public safety workers, such as firefighters, rescue squad members, police officers, and others considered to be at a higher risk of injury than the general population. Under certain circumstances, it is presumed that employees working in these fields who suffer from heart disease, lung disease, hypertension, or similar conditions are suffering from a work-related condition. The law regarding post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) continues to evolve, but there have been cases where PTSD was deemed a compensable occupational injury in Maryland.

Types of Benefits

Workers’ Compensation benefits available Maryland include:

  • Replacement of lost wages (two-thirds of the workers’ average weekly wage, subject to the state-imposed maximum)
  • Reimbursement for medical treatment, including hospitalization, surgery, prescription medication, prosthetics, and in some cases, travel expenses for medical appointments
  • Vocational rehabilitation if the injury prevents the worker from returning to his or her former occupation
  • Death and funeral benefits if the worker died as a result of their injuries, paid to dependents of the decedent

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The complex Workers’ Compensation system can be difficult to navigate for most people, especially those who are dealing with a serious work injury or occupational illness. If you have been hurt at work, you are urged to contact a reputable Workers’ Compensation lawyer to help you avoid mistakes and maximize your benefits. To schedule a free consultation with the experienced and highly skilled Columbia Workers’ Compensation lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, call us at 800-547-4529 or contact us online. With offices located in Columbia, Baltimore, Glen Burnie, and Towson, we represent clients throughout Baltimore County.