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Fighting Financial Institutions for Your Right to Remain in Your Own Home

The collapse of the housing bubble left many homeowners scrambling to pay off loans on properties that had lost their value. Compounding the problem, a faltering economy left many of these debtors without the income to make payments and a feeble real estate market in which to sell. Baltimore was one of the hardest-hit areas, and even though our great city is recovering, the residual effects remain. Many of our residents continue to face the devastating threat of foreclosure.

LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton is comprised of local attorneys who were raised and educated in Maryland. We are personally and professionally committed to the well-being and prosperity of our community. During the past 33 years since our firm was established, our legal team witnessed the tremendous growth in the real estate industry and its sudden downfall. Sadly, banks reacted to the crisis by forcing families out of their homes. In response, our lawyers took action to raise successful defenses against foreclosure.

Foreclosure Defense Tactics

After assessing your circumstances, we recommend a strategic plan to save your home from foreclosure. Your options might include:

  • Procedural defenses to foreclosure — Banks make surprising numbers of procedural and legal mistakes that can nullify a foreclosure. If the bank did not comply with the law, we request that the court throw out or overturn the foreclosure.
  • Bankruptcy — After you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, the court immediately issues an automatic stay, which is an order to creditors to stop all collections and foreclosure proceedings. During your bankruptcy, our lawyers negotiate for a reaffirmation agreement with a loan modification so you can keep your home.
  • Mortgage modification — We negotiate with your bank for revised terms of your mortgage that allow you to make smaller, more manageable monthly payments and to cover the delinquent amount over time. If you otherwise have limited debt, you may be able to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Short sale — If you owe more than your home is worth, our attorneys ask the bank to approve the sale of your home for less than its value and to forgive your remaining loan. Called a short sale, this agreement allows you to walk away from your home and your mortgage with no further debt.

Let the Baltimore Bankruptcy Lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton Help Protect Your Home From Foreclosure

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