Drunk Driving Accidents in Anne Arundel County

For over 30 years, the our car accident lawyers in Anne Arundel at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton have helped drunk driving victims and their families seek justice for the injuries and fatalities that can occur when people choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Drunk driving accidents are completely preventable, yet people continue to make the dangerous and irresponsible choice to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink. In 2013, over 290,000 people were seriously injured in drunk driving wrecks, and statistics show that roughly 28 people are fatally injured each day in alcohol-related accidents. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, our compassionate, experienced team is on your side and will seek the compensation you deserve.

In the state of Maryland, an individual is legally drunk if they have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher. If the driver is under the age of 21, they are impaired if they have a BAC of 0.02 or higher. For commercial drivers, the legal BAC limit is 0.04 percent or higher.

Criminal Charges vs Civil Lawsuits

In most cases, a drunk driver who causes a car accident will face criminal charges and will be prosecuted in the criminal courts. To reach a drunk driving conviction, the prosecuting attorney must prove that the driver was legally drunk at the time of the accident. If the individual is found guilty, penalties can include jail time, probation, suspended driver’s license, steep fines, and restitution. Unfortunately, the costs associated with the damages caused by a drunk driver are usually significantly higher than the amount of restitution ordered.

Our dedicated team of car accident lawyers will negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company, ensuring that your rights are protected. We will secure a copy of the other driver’s criminal records as evidence that they were intoxicated, causing the car accident. We will work tirelessly to negotiate the compensation you are entitled to so that you can begin your recovery.

Dram Shop Liability in Maryland

Dram shop liability means that a restaurant, bar, liquor store, or other commercial vendor cannot be held liable for selling alcohol to an intoxicated customer who goes on to cause a drunk driving accident. While Maryland does not currently allow dram shop lawsuits, legislation has been introduced to the Maryland General Assembly that could change future legislation if passed.

In certain cases, you may be able to pursue a third-party claim. If other parties contributed to your accident, we may be able to recover damages from those individuals, in addition to the drunk driver who was directly responsible for the accident. Protecting your rights is our top priority, and we will explore every possible option for the best legal course of action.

Anne Arundel Car Accident Lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton Advocate for Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident involving a drunk driver, do not hesitate to contact the Anne Arundel car accident lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton. Drunk driving is a serious offense that can cause significant property damage and life-threatening injuries. We will thoroughly examine the details of your accident and determine who is responsible for your injuries. Our skilled and compassionate team will seek the maximum financial compensation you deserve and ensure that your best interests are protected. To schedule a free, confidential consultation, call us today at 800-547-4LAW (4529) or contact us online. Our offices are in Baltimore, Columbia, Glen Burnie, and Towson, allowing us to represent car accident victims throughout Maryland, including those in Anne Arundel County.