Settlement in Car Accident Case in Baltimore

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer Secures Settlement in Car Accident Case in BaltimoreLeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton P.A. is proud to announce that Partner Bryan J. Chant secured a settlement of $305,000 in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City.

This case involved an elderly gentleman who was a passenger on an adult daycare van. The van approached a controlled intersection, failed to stop at a stop sign, and entered traffic. An oncoming vehicle broadsided the van and caused it to roll over injuring numerous occupants.

The van’s company refused to offer even a single penny on the case despite clear liability and catastrophic damages. Mr. Chant commenced a lawsuit in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City and aggressively pursued the van’s company. Ultimately, the company paid $305,000 to settle this claim.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a daycare van accident, call Partner Bryan J. Chant at 800-547-4529 or contact us online. Mr. Chant has a long history of dealing with commercial vehicle cases.