The Most Dangerous Spot for Drivers in Prince George’s County

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Getting into a car crash in Maryland leaves many motorists with much more to face than many drivers anticipate. There are numerous issues to take care of, including paying for car repairs, dealing with ongoing medical bills, and filing multiple insurance claims. It can be especially difficult to handle the legal and financial repercussions of an accident while trying to recover from injuries and get back to work.

Car accidents and resulting fatalities are more likely to happen in some Maryland counties than others. It is helpful for Maryland drivers to know the top areas for car wrecks and fatalities. In Maryland, Prince George’s County is known as the area with the most fatalities and serious injuries due to car crashes. Data reflects that Prince George’s County has the highest number of fatal car crashes every year, with approximately 25 percent of car accidents occurring on county roads.

Maryland Route 110 Southbound, Kerby Hill Rd./Livingston Rd. to Palmer Road is the traffic spot in Prince George’s where the most car accidents and traffic fatalities happen each year. Also known as Indian Head Highway, this county road is also the most common place Prince George’s for traffic infractions related to speeding, and aggressive, distracted, or impaired driving.

In Prince George’s County, pedestrians and cyclists are also at risk to be severely injured or killed because of a car accident. There are the highest number of pedestrian, motorcyclist, and bicyclist deaths resulting from car accidents in this county. The risk of car crashes for these vulnerable groups has not improved in over a decade, so it is crucial that drivers remember the rules of the road, especially while navigating the most dangerous traffic areas.

It is also important to know your rights and options if you are involved in a car accident in Prince George’s County. If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, it is wise to hire an experienced Maryland car accident as soon as possible. You may need to file multiple claims, which can be a complicated legal task. A skilled car accident lawyer will know the proper procedures for filing all necessary paperwork to ensure that you receive fair compensation.

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