What are the Most Common Injuries of Motorcycle Accidents?

Helmet on road after a motorcycle accident

As temperatures start to climb, motorcyclists look forward to getting back on the road. This is a good time to discuss the importance of safety. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle riders are 26 times more likely to be fatally injured in a traffic accident compared to a passenger in a motor vehicle. Motorcyclists often suffer injuries ranging from scrapes and bruises to spinal injuries and traumatic brain injuries. The following are examples of the most common motorcycle injuries and what to expect in terms of recovery.

Road Rash

Also known as road burn, this occurs when a rider’s skin is dragged along the surface of the road, causing a painful burn. This often affects the arms, legs, hands, back, and face. Typically, this is not life-threatening. However, if the injury is not properly cleaned and treated, the rider can develop an infection. Depending on the severity of the rash, skin grafts or surgery may be necessary.

Muscle Damage

Muscle strains are common motorcycle injuries and can be more serious if a ride involves off-roading on rough terrain. Muscle tears take longer to heal than muscle strains.

Broken Bones

Because there is no physical barrier between the rider and the ground, broken bones are a common injury. Although not usually fatal, they are painful and require immediate medical attention.

Spinal Cord Injuries

These are among the more serious injuries, often resulting in permanent or partial paralysis. If the spinal cord is completely or partially severed, there is currently no way to repair the injury to prevent paralysis.

Internal Injuries

A motorcycle accident can cause the rider to suffer organ damage and internal bleeding, which can be dangerous, particularly if the victim does not receive immediate medical attention. If left untreated, the victim’s condition can become life-threatening or even fatal.

Head Injuries

Motorcycle riders who do not wear helmets are at a much greater risk of suffering a serious head injury from an accident. Wearing a helmet is one of the most important safety measures riders can take to protect themselves from a head injury. However, even with a helmet, a rider can suffer a head injury from the impact of an accident, although it is likely that the injury will be less severe.

Emotional Trauma

Being involved in a serious motorcycle accident can be traumatic. In addition to the physical injuries, victims often suffer emotional trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A mental health professional can help victims learn effective coping skills to help them recover.

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