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Your Child Needs Solid Defense Against Juvenile Crime Allegations in Baltimore, Maryland

Building a better future for minors caught in the judicial system

What you do after your child is detained by authorities can change your child’s life. For more than 33 years, LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton has guided minors through the system and put them on a positive path. Taking decisive steps to protect your child’s future and addressing criminal allegations immediately is an essential component of our representation. Our Baltimore juvenile defense lawyers will also work closely with you to address related underlying issues, such as alcohol abuse, drug dependency, mental health conditions and family law matters.

Juvenile courts focus on rehabilitation

The American judicial system is traditionally centered on punishment. However, the courts recognize that minors often lack the maturity to understand the consequences of their actions. For this reason, the juvenile system focuses on rehabilitation. With this goal in mind, juvenile court judges are generally amenable to ordering drug and alcohol treatment, mental health therapy, anger management counseling and family services, instead of detention for children who are accused of nonviolent crimes. If it is appropriate in your child’s situation, we may be able to secure crucial social services to help your child manage the challenges that triggered criminal behavior in the first place.

Baltimore juvenile diversion programs

Baltimore juvenile court is nationally recognized as an innovator in developing an effective juvenile justice system that lowers recidivism while increasing public safety. Diversion programs allow many first-time nonviolent juvenile offenders to avoid the judicial system and enable them to get help through a variety of resources. Once your child has successfully completed a diversion program, the prosecution will drop the charges.

The juvenile process

If a diversion program is not available or appropriate, our attorneys build a rigorous criminal defense to your child’s charges. For example, your child may not be eligible for a diversion program if he or she is a repeat offender or faces weapons charges. Alternately, your child may qualify for treatment for a first-time drug crime, but our Baltimore juvenile defense lawyers may recommend that your child fight flimsy evidence.

The procedures in juvenile court are different from adult court, but the standards are the same — prosecutors must prove every element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. However, a case disposition is decided by a judge, never a jury, and the court considers a wide range of factors, including family and community support, when making decisions.

Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton Protect your Child’s Rights in Juvenile Proceedings

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