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Aggressive Defense for Drug Crime Charges in Maryland

The war on drugs has been a complete failure in the United States. Law enforcement’s heavy-handed approach has not rid the streets of crime, but has filled jails with nonviolent offenders, many suffering from addiction and mental health problems.

LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton has been litigating challenging criminal defense cases since our founding in 1980. Our trial lawyers zealously advocate for your rights in drug possession, sale, distribution and trafficking allegations. We have the skills and knowledge to present a strong criminal defense against related theft, weapons and assault offenses that may accompany drug charges.

Type of Drug and Intent are Key Factors in Sentencing

The type of drug involved and your intent will determine what penalties you may face. Maryland has decriminalized possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal use. If you are caught holding less than 10 grams of pot, you will be subject only to a fine and no jail time, even though it is still considered illegal. Possession of heroin, cocaine, crack or methamphetamine carries much higher sentences. Sale, distribution or trafficking of any drug is a serious crime that can lead to a lengthy prison term, possibly even a life sentence. Possession of prescription pharmaceuticals, such as benzodiazepines or painkillers, with the intent to sell or abuse, is also illegal.

Alternative Sentencing for Drug Crimes

Nonviolent offenders can avoid jail in exchange for drug treatment in Baltimore’s drug treatment court. Baltimore County’s Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime (TASC) has been lauded by other jurisdictions for its success in lowering recidivism. Depending on the specific circumstances of your arrest, our Maryland criminal defense lawyers may propose a TASC alternative-sentencing deal with the prosecution. Under this diversionary program, your sentence is suspended while you receive help for your drug dependency. You may be required to regularly report to authorities and submit to random urinalysis testing. The court may also reinstate your jail sentence if you violate your sentencing terms.

Juveniles Accused of Drug Crimes

The courts consider that children lack the training and maturity to truly understand the consequences of their actions. For this reason, the justice system treats children differently from adults. Sentences tend to be geared more toward treatment and counseling than punishment.

However, minors do not receive a mere slap on the wrist for juvenile crimes. In addition to detention, your child faces the possibility of lost educational and employment opportunities. Our Baltimore criminal defense lawyers focus on two goals — to reach the best possible outcome in your child’s criminal case and to help you take steps to protect your child’s future.

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