Drivers Stop Capitol Beltway Traffic for Doughnuts and Tricks

Car Accident with head on collision

Normally heavy congestion or roadwork stops drivers along the Capitol Beltway around DC. On April 3rd, an evening gathering along I-495 South halted traffic for miles, as cars were parked along the Outer Loop, allowing a couple cars to spin doughnuts and perform other tricks on the open asphalt. Traffic cams captured drivers stopped by the Route 1 exit, close to College Park and the University of Maryland campus, around 7 p.m. Maryland State Police were called and arrived on the scene, but the group had left the area. Minutes, Prince George’s County officers arrived on a group exhibiting similar reckless tricks along Route 212 near 95 and arrested a man from Beltsville for six different traffic violations, including going 90 miles per hour in a 35-mph zone. Officials have not confirmed if the driver or group were also involved in the Beltway blockage.

An official with the Maryland Department of Transportation said these displays of reckless behavior have increased, as less people driving during the pandemic means more open roads. The state has been more vigilantly enforcing speeding laws and other traffic regulations to prevent more accidents.

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