Common Mistakes Drivers Make in the Winter

Baltimore car accident lawyers discuss common mistakes drivers make in the winter.Slippery roads and poor weather conditions make winter the worst season for car accidents. Snow and ice make winter driving particularly dangerous. Drivers can reduce hazards by recognizing dangers that are specific to this season and avoiding common driving mistakes.

Watch Your Speed

A common mistake that drivers make is following the posted speed limit during poor weather conditions. It is important to remember that the posted speed limit reflects the maximum speed of ideal driving conditions. Winter weather is especially dangerous, making snow and ice the most common elements that affect ideal driving conditions.

While driving too fast on a slippery or icy road can be a real hazard, driving too slow is just as dangerous. An accident can be caused, even if your intention is to be extra cautious; if a car is approaching from behind and is unable to adjust to your lowered speed, an accident can occur. If you are uncomfortable with maintaining the speed of surrounding traffic, avoid being on the road. Driving at an appropriate distance between vehicles can help you avoid a rear-end accident. If the car ahead of you unexpectedly stops due to a slippery road, you may not be able to react efficiently if you are driving too close to other vehicles.

Snow-Covered Cars

Being patient is important while driving in the winter. We are often tempted to defrost our snow-covered cars as we drive, instead of letting them defrost fully before departure. A partially obscured windshield is dangerous while on the road and falling snow from cars can be hazardous. Inadequately clearing your car can be a dangerous gamble. It is important to have your car fully ready for poor weather conditions.

Preparation should begin before winter transpires. Take precaution by filling necessary fluids and replacing old wipers, batteries, and belts. Check the thermostat and heating system, headlights and taillights, and clear your car before you enter the slippery roads. These steps will help prepare you for slippery roads.

Tires and Traction

The most common issue with winter weather is poor tire traction, leading to slippery driving conditions. It is important to take extra steps during the winter to mitigate this problem. Making sure your tires have adequate tread will ensure that your tires will have the best traction. Tire pressure is affected by cold temperatures. Additionally, being familiar with your car’s winter-driving features will assist in your safety, but be vigilant; features are beneficial, but proper use affects its ability. Driving features are only designed to assist.

Make Good Judgement

It is vastly important to have your attention focused on the road and to make good judgement about the current weather. It is essential to recognize how winter weather impacts the roads and your vehicle. Taking extra precaution and being patient can help avoid a collision. Always remember to assess the weather conditions before you enter the vehicle and if you feel uncomfortable to drive, wait for the weather to improve.

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