Changes in Car Window Glass Creates Issues

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers discuss chenges in car window glass that riaises concerns about emergency exits from the vihicle. Vehicles today are equipped with windows that resist breaking during collisions. However, plenty of drivers would prefer glass that shatters, especially if they are caught inside their cars in a lake or other body of water. Years ago, car glass windows switched to tempered glass. Tempered glass has been treated so that upon impact, it shatters in a predictable, chunky pattern and that sharp edges do not fly at passengers or drivers. Instead, the grains of broken glass tend to fall to the ground or interior of the vehicle.

Tempered glass, while still being used by certain car manufacturers, is slowly being replaced by laminated glass. Since it is common for passengers to be ejected from their vehicles in certain types of collisions, laminated glass is more durable and preferred by car manufacturers. While laminated glass may be an exciting alternative because it stands up in crashes and is hard to break, its strength is also its weakness. Because it cannot be easily broken, it can become a huge liability in a situation where someone trapped in the car needs to push their way out. If a child or pet is trapped in a hot car, it is also helpful to have glass that is easy to break through. Seconds count in that scary situation, and a Good Samaritan who tries to free the victim may be thwarted by the very glass that is meant to save lives.

Which Cars Have Laminated Glass?

Currently, drivers have no way to automatically test and see if the glass used in their car is tempered or laminated. However, what they can do is make a phone call to the manufacturer or browse its website. Another source could be the car dealership, especially if the vehicle was newly purchased. Consumers interested in buying a new car may even want to ask about the types of glass used in their vehicles. That way, they can discover if they should invest in a hammer-type tool to store in their console, in case they would need to force their way out in the event their car went into a body of water.

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