Parking Lot Accidents

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers weigh in on parking lot accidents. Maneuvering through a parking lot can be very frustrating, especially during busy times. Sports venues, grocery stores, shopping malls, offices, and schools are all notorious for testing driver patience, leading to a parking lot accident. Problems can occur if two vehicles are moving out of parking spots at the same time. When they are both backing out, it is harder to see the other car. It is important for individuals to carefully check all their mirrors before moving out of the spot, and to proceed slowly. When one vehicle has started moving first, the second driver needs to give the right of way. However, this is often hard to determine.

Aside from two vehicles backing into each other, or a car hitting another vehicle in a lane, backing into stationary objects, such as poles or a parked car, is also common. Opening a car door without being aware of the surroundings can result in side dents and windy days and uneven surfaces can cause dreaded shopping cart crashes.

Parking lots sometimes have four-way stop signs. These can be the site of a rear-end collision if someone is not focused on their driving. Pedestrians present another danger, since they are hard to locate behind or between parked cars. Pedestrians must always be given the right of way in parking lots.

Who is at Fault?

Depending on the type of accident, both drivers could be at fault. This is determined by auto insurance companies, who will consider the evidence and witness statements. Motorists must use reasonable care when driving and moving through parking lots, and if it is proven that not doing so caused an accident, they can be deemed at fault. If two vehicles are backing out of parking spots simultaneously and collide, they may both be partially at-fault.

Parking lots can be a source for stress, with vehicles driving in different directions, pedestrians, small parking spots, and other hazards. The safe thing to do is to always move slowly and constantly check for other cars, people, and objects. Larger vehicles may not see smaller ones because of their blind spots, so they should be given extra space and time. It is also important to never cut through parking lots, although many drivers do this to save time. Driving through a section of empty spots, even slowly, is risky behavior that can lead to an accident.

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