Pocket Your Cell Phone Before Crossing the Street

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers weigh in on pedestrian accidents and people crossing the street while distracted with their cell phones. We all know that distracted driving is unsafe, irresponsible, and potentially fatal. Texting, talking, or checking social media while driving are just a few examples of distracted driving behavior that can cause serious car accidents. Distracted walking, however, is an issue that does not get nearly the amount of attention and publicity as distracted driving. However, it can be just as dangerous, particularly for pedestrians, if they are not paying attention to oncoming traffic while crossing the street. In order to mitigate the chance of this happening, pocket your phone before crossing the street.

A recent study found that when pedestrians use their phone while crossing the street, they tend to walk at a slower pace. In addition to taking their attention away from their surroundings, and when approaching cars, trucks, and other vehicles, distracted pedestrians often take smaller steps and walk more erratically when they are talking on the phone. This means they are less likely to react quickly to a motorist who may be speeding, distracted, drowsy, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Dangers of Distracted Walking Behavior

The researchers analyzed the movements of 357 pedestrians using an automated video analysis system. They focused on one particular location that had a busy four-way intersection, observing pedestrians’ behavior over the course of a two-day period in April 2016. Of the 357 pedestrians observed, close to 38 percent talked on their cellphones while crossing the street. In addition, the majority of pedestrians were either texting or reading text messages. Pocket your cell phone before crossing the street.

There are a number of issues related to distracted walking, particularly when crossing a busy street. For example, the longer a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, the more likely he or she is to be hit by an oncoming vehicle. Even if the pedestrian is hit by a cyclist, it can cause serious injuries to both parties. In addition, texting requires cognitive effort, which means that visual sensory inputs from the pedestrian’s surroundings may be limited. Texting while walking can impair an individual’s balance, which can lead to falls. If this happens in the middle of a crosswalk at a busy intersection, it can have devastating consequences if the pedestrian cannot get up in time to avoid an oncoming vehicle like a car or truck.

Making a phone call or sending a text while crossing the street is never worth the risk of being seriously injured while taking your phone out of your pocket and continuing to be distracted. It may not seem like a dangerous thing to do, but it is never worth risking your life for one phone call or a single text. It is best to put the phone away until you have safely crossed the street.

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