High Level of Distraction Associated with Infotainment Systems

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers weigh in on distracted driving caused by infotainment systems. How often do you look over at another driver and see that they are talking on the phone or texting while driving? These are just two examples of distracted driving behavior that can cause serious car accidents, simply because the driver was not paying attention to the road ahead. Unfortunately, even the infotainment systems that either come equipped in the vehicle or are available on consumers’ smartphones can be a distraction to drivers behind the wheel. According to a study conducted by AAA, automakers’ built-in infotainment systems are even more distracting than apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety worked with the University of Utah to measure the amount of visual and mental demand placed on drivers when using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, compared to the car’s built-in system. The smartphone apps allow the user to connect to the vehicle’s audio system and information screen, either via a power cord or through Bluetooth. The user then has limited access to the information that would appear on the mobile device, but it would instead appear on the dashboard screen.

One popular navigation program that is widely used by consumers is Google Maps. Many users find that the Google Maps technology is better than the built-in navigation systems. For example, if a user recently searched for an address using the Chrome browser, that address will already be pre-loaded and ready to provide the navigation services he or she needs. This will save the driver time and avoid them from becoming distracted while driving.

Improving Built-In Infotainment Systems Cause Less of a Distraction

According to the Executive Director of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the smartphone-based software that Google and Apple are providing infotainment technology for requires less demand on drivers. Improvements to the technology continue to be made, but the simplicity and familiarity of the design demands less of the driver’s attention and causes less of a distraction.

The AAA study also found that all automakers do not install the apps in the same way. Depending on the manufacturer, the functions that get locked when the vehicle is moving may vary. AAA is sharing this information with car manufacturers so that they can improve the design and functionality of their infotainment systems, making them less distracting to drivers. AAA’s President and CEO said that automakers can limit driver distractions by utilizing key design elements of CarPlay and Android Auto.

Because many navigation and infotainment systems are optional features, they can cost thousands of dollars on top of the price of the vehicle. The navigation apps on smartphones are free, and consumers are familiar with how they operate. While the cost savings is a major benefit, the fact that they are proving to be less distracting is the most important thing.

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