Consumer Concerns Over Self-Driving Vehicles

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers discuss self driving vehicle concerns. There is no denying that self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, are the wave of the future, yet not all consumers are fully on board. The American International Group, Inc. published a study recently that took a closer look at consumers’ opinions of automated vehicles. Safety concerns over things like security issues and the risk of hacking are reasons why many consumers are uncomfortable with the idea of a driverless car.

Pros and Cons of Autonomous Cars

The research revealed that factors like ease of driving and lower insurance premiums were benefits. Overall, 42 percent of respondents said they were comfortable with the idea of sharing the road with self-driving cars, while 41 percent of the respondents expressed concerns. Specifically, perceived security risks were one of the main concerns with 75 percent of respondents citing this as a major roadblock. Some consumers believe that driver-operated cars that have autonomous features like lane departure avoidance technology are susceptible to computer hackers.

Security concerns were another issue that made consumers uncomfortable. Sixty-seven percent of respondents thought that a computer breach could expose personal data such as credit card information, internet browsing history, and travel history. Consumers even expressed concern that an autonomous vehicle could record conversations that take place between the people in the car. When asked to select three perceived benefits of driverless vehicles, respondents selected the following:

  • 44 percent: Easier transportation
  • 42 percent: Increased road safety
  • 39 percent: Lower insurance costs

Shift in Accident Liability

Respondents also reported that they thought auto manufacturers and software developers would be responsible for any car accidents involving autonomous vehicles. For example, in a scenario where a fully autonomous vehicle hits a pedestrian, 50 percent of respondents felt that the automaker would be liable, and 37 percent believed the software provider would be liable. Close to 25 percent see the vehicle’s occupant as sharing some of the liability, while 19 percent have the same view towards the vehicle’s owner. If the same accident occurred involving a vehicle with automated assisted driving technology, the driver is 54 percent liable, but the respondents felt that the automaker and the software provider were also liable, at 33 percent and 27 percent.

With the shift in liability, 35 percent of respondents felt that vehicle owners should pay lower insurance premiums. According to the CEO of personal insurance at AIG, insurers will need to pay close attention to insurance trends so that they can prepare consumers and businesses for the changes that are to come over the next several years.

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