Personal Traits Can Impact Distracted Driving

Baltimore Car Wreck Lawyers weigh in on personal traits of distracted drivers.  Distracted driving continues to be a serious problem in this country. Too often, motorists are so concerned about making a phone call, sending a text, or reaching for something in the back seat that they fail to keep their attention on the road. According to recent research, personal traits like gender, age, and personality type can make some drivers more prone to distracted driving accidents than others.

According to the World Health Organization, over one million people are fatally injured in traffic accidents every year. Many of these wrecks are caused by distracted driving habits like using a cell phone to talk or text, putting on makeup, or changing the radio station.

Personal Traits

Researchers conducted a study that looks at the link between distracted driving and personal traits. They found that young men, people who were extroverted or neurotic, and people who drove frequently were more likely to be distracted while driving.

Predicting distracted driving behavior is easier said than done. People do not generally intend to become distracted while they are driving, and some claim that they cannot control themselves from engaging in certain behaviors that take their attention off the road. This is the first time that researchers have examined the link between personal traits and distracted driving.

Survey Results

Research participants included a large group of high school-age drivers, and a group of adult drivers. The survey covered a range of topics, including the types of distractions the participants typically experience, their general attitude about distracted driving, and their personality type. Age and gender were the most significant predictors of distracted driving.

Researchers found that young men were more likely to report distracted driving, as well as people with outgoing personalities, those who drove often, and people who felt that distracted driving was socially acceptable. Those who were less likely to report distractions included older women and drivers who felt that they could avoid distractions.

When it comes to driver interventions, and changing behaviors, researchers believe that people at risk of distracted driving should develop their own system of avoiding distractions so that they are more engaged in the driving process. This will likely be more effective than programs or materials about distracted driving. However, any programs that are developed should be targeted towards the high-risk groups like young men and those who believe it is acceptable to drive while distracted.

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