Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyers Warn Consumers against Phone Scam

A new scam has consumers across the country falling victim to con-artists posing as attorneys trying to assist them in the bankruptcy process. In the scam, consumers are being asked to immediately send money through a wire in order to avoid arrest or other penalties.

The fraudulent callers are targeting those who have recently filed for bankruptcy or are beginning the process of filing. In order to fool consumers, they are using software that creates a Caller ID that makes the call appear it is coming from their bankruptcy attorney. The scammers instruct the victim to immediately wire money in order to pay off a debt outside the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy proceeding. In the calls, they have gone as far as to threaten the victims with arrest if they do not comply.

Typically, the deceptive calls occur outside of business hours, making it difficult to attempt to confirm the information with the office of their attorney. In many instances, the deceitful callers go as far as to look up personal information on the victim to make themselves sound even more convincing. Bankruptcy attorneys, including those at Leviness, Tolzman & Hamilton, are joining forces with public officials in order to inform the public of these new phone scams.

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), along with its individual members, stress to the public that a legitimate attorney would never ask a client to immediate wire money, nor would they ever threaten a client with arrest, no matter the debt. Consumers should also be aware that debt collectors and agencies are not able to intimidate anyone with the potential of being arrested when it comes to an unpaid debt. View the complete consumer alert prepared by the NACBA here.

If you or a family member receive this type of call, immediately call your attorney with all the information you can from the call. Make sure not to give out any personal or financial information during the phone call, as a legitimate lawyer or collector would not ask for such information over the phone.

Every day, scammers and con-artists find new tactful ways to lure money out of unsuspecting victims. If you are concerned about a call you recently received, or are starting out a new bankruptcy claim and need help receiving debt relief, contact our Maryland bankruptcy lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton. Our team of lawyers are skilled in handling bankruptcy cases for legal advice. Contact us online or call us at 800-547-4LAW (4529) today to schedule a free consultation with one of our compassionate and highly skilled Maryland bankruptcy lawyers.