What Should You Look for in a Maryland Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

If you’ve recently suffered a workplace injury, an attorney can help you obtain the coverage you need and deserve, be it through workers’ compensation benefits, a negligence claim or a third party injury lawsuit. But what qualifications should you seek in a lawyer? Consider the following tips:

There are a number of places to begin looking for an attorney, including the following:

  • Check online directories to find ratings, reviews and contact information. Beware of misleading information and wasted time.
  • Ask friends or co-workers if they can recommend a trusted Workers’ Compensation attorney.
  • Get a referral from a lawyer you know, a local or state bar association or an association specific to workers’ compensation cases. This is the best way to find a lawyer whose experience fits your needs.

Once you think you’ve found some options, you should take the following steps to determine which might be the best fit for you and your case:

  • Use attorneys’ websites and the state licensing agency to research biographical information, credentials and, most importantly, background in workers’ compensation law.
  • Schedule an initial consultation. During this session — typically free of charge — your attorney gives his or her initial assessment of your case.
  • Ask specifically about the attorney’s experience with workers’ compensation law, with your type of injury and even with your employer or its insurer. Some attorneys concentrate on specific types of employee claims.
  • Ask for references, which may be from clients or colleagues, and follow up to verify the attorney’s experience and success rate.
  • Ask for the lawyer to go over the retainer agreement with you and to estimate court costs, which may include copying, reporters and witness fees. Attorneys usually represent clients on a contingency basis, so fees are set by the state and based only on the damages you recover.

There’s no shortage of good advice on how to find the right Baltimore Workers’ Compensation attorney. But don’t forget the most important factors in your search: choose someone who is available and accessible, who has experience in your type of case and who makes you feel comfortable. Contact LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. today.