Who Qualifies as an Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Case?

After a victim suffers a personal injury, one of the most difficult aspects of pursuing rightful compensation is proving that another person or entity was at fault. Liability in these cases often rests on whether one party was negligent or acted maliciously toward the other. For those preparing to file a personal injury lawsuit, having expert witnesses available to testify on their behalf can go a long way in bolstering a claim.

Generally, there are several types of professionals who can provide advice on personal injuries, personal injury coverage and personal injury evaluations. These experts may include the following:

  • Medical professionals
  • Mental health experts
  • Forensic investigators
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Engineers
  • Insurance agents

Through their academic training, board certification or practical work experience, these professionals are usually qualified to provide expert testimony in injury and accident cases. Regardless of credentials, a professional must be qualified to provide an opinion based on experience in his or her field. In addition, other professionals in the same field must consider the opinion reliable.

Expert witnesses are responsible for providing information that supports all or part of a plaintiff’s or defendant’s case and backs his or her arguments in court or during settlement negotiations. In addition to testifying, an expert witness may also provide a written report for a deposition or trial.

In Baltimore and throughout Maryland, personal injury lawsuits are inherently complex, and expert testimony can only strengthen your claims. Seek support from the personal injury lawyers in Maryland at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. with access to an elite network of professionals who can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.