Maryland Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers: Improving Choice and Consumer Protections in Nursing Homes

Making the decision to send a family member to a nursing home is never easy, and the frequent stories about poor conditions and senior abuse make it even more difficult. One of the least controversial provisions in the Affordable Care Act aims to improve resident safety and give consumers access to information so they can make better choices when considering facilities. By making information more public, the proposed reforms can make a difference in improving conditions in nursing homes across the country.

The Affordable Care Act plans to make more information about nursing homes available to consumers, including:

  • Staff turnover
  • Hours of care provided
  • Record of violations and complaints
  • State databases of nursing home inspection reports

Nursing homes are supposed to provide a standard number of hours of care per day, but many facilities do not meet their standard. A high turnover rate and frequent violations are warning signs of insufficient care.

States are also required to put better procedures in place for filing complaints against nursing homes. All facilities must provide sufficient notification if they plan to close so that residents and families are not left in the lurch. While it is not mandatory, the Act also encourages states to participate in an expanded criminal background check program to prevent dangerous individuals from working in nursing homes.

Hopefully, these reforms can raise the standard of care and safety for vulnerable senior citizens residing in nursing homes. If you suspect that your family member has suffered an injury because of nursing home abuse or neglect, make an appointment to speak with one of our Maryland nursing home negligence lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton. P.A. today.