Baltimore Trucking Accident Lawyers: Changing Lanes – Trucks on the Move

It is never a good feeling when somebody makes you feel small. But rarely is it quite as frightening as when you are driving a passenger car near a huge tractor-trailer. Or maybe two or three of them. Even if you are in a sizable SUV or pickup truck, it is enough to start you shaking in your boots.

There is a good reason for that: although there are far fewer truck accidents than car accidents in the United States every year, truck accidents are far more likely to be fatal. As you can imagine, the most likely fatality isn’t in the truck.

The potential for accidents is especially high when trucks are changing lanes or merging, as visibility is much more challenging in a truck than in a car. According to one truck insurance company, the typical lane change crash usually involves a truck changing into the right lane and hitting a small car in the front or rear side.

To reduce the potential for lane-change crashes, truckers are advised to:

  • Keep their mirrors clean and properly adjusted
  • Slow down and maintain a safe following distance, to avoid the need for sudden maneuvers
  • Stay in the right lane as much as possible
  • Signal lane changes well ahead of time
  • Exercise caution near highway entrances and exits

Drivers of passenger cars can protect themselves by staying alert and calling on their best defensive driving skills when motoring near a big rigs, especially in certain situations:

  • When you see a truck in the next lane moving faster than the vehicle in front of it
  • When you are merging onto a highway
  • When you find yourself in one of the blind spots of a truck, such as the rear right corner (do not stay there!)
  • When you are passing a truck on the left

Despite your best efforts, however, you could find yourself the victim of a truck collision. When that happens, find yourself a tough truck accident attorney who is not afraid to fight for the little guy. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, contact the Baltimore trucking accident lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.