Maryland Car Accident Attorneys: Smarter Cars Promise Crash Reduction

Computers can do calculations in a nanosecond that most of us could not do in a lifetime. Our phones remember the numbers of everyone we know, so we no longer have to. Our houses can remember to turn off the lights and decide when to turn on the heat. So it was bound to happen eventually: our cars are about to be smarter than we are, too.

The latest developments in crash avoidance features could make your head spin — if your car had not already tightened your seat belt and adjusted your head restraint automatically in anticipation. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, crash avoidance technology is on the way that will:

  • Adjust cruise control speed if the car in front of you slows down
  • Automatically pivot headlights to follow a curved road
  • Alert you if a vehicle enters your blind spot, and even prevent you from changing lanes
  • Monitor the area in front of your car, and warn you of a potential collision
  • Adjust brakes, windows, and interior when a crash is imminent to maximize the opportunity to avoid the crash and minimize the potential for injury
  • Warn you if you start to veer out of your lane
  • Monitor the area behind your car when you back up, and brake automatically to avoid an accident.

Also in the works from Ford: an Obstacle Avoidance system that actually takes over control of the steering and brakes if it detects a pedestrian or other object ahead that might cause an accident.

It certainly would be great if technology reached the point where crashes could be avoided in all cases. In the meantime, accidents happen — and the smartest thing you can do in that case is contact the experienced Maryland car accident attorneys at Leviness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A..