A Personal Injury Lawyer in Maryland Can Help You Make a Good Impression — 10 Tips for Your Courtroom Appearance

Many personal injury claims settle before trial. Even so, you may have to appear at hearings on various motions. Knowing the ropes can help you make a good impression on the judge and, if your case does move forward to a trial, on the jurors chosen to decide a verdict.

Your confidence will show if you follow some simple tips on a positive courtroom demeanor:

  1. Be on time — Leave plenty of time for traffic snarls or other transportation issues. Consider making an advance trip to the courthouse a day before your hearing date so you know where to park, how to enter the building and how to find the correct courtroom.
  2. Notify your attorney about special accommodations — The court is required to accommodate people with disabilities. Let your attorney know in advance if you require appropriate arrangements.
  3. Dress for success — Wear an outfit suited for a business transaction. Clean, pressed clothes indicate that you respect the judge and jurors.
  4. 4. Arrange for childcare — The courtroom is no place for kids. They can quickly become bored and restless and are likely to distract you from the important matter at hand.
  5. Be careful what you bring to the courthouse — You will pass through security as you enter the courthouse. Your favorite pocketknife, nail file or knitting needles may be confiscated by the bailiff, as may food and liquids.
  6. 6. Turn your phone’s ringer and vibration settings off — There is no better way to anger a judge than for your phone to ring while court is in session.
  7. 7. Stay calm and courteous — The defendant and opposing counsel may say things you do not agree with and the judge may make some incorrect rulings. Regardless, your calm, courteous demeanor will reflect positively on you.
  8. 8. Bring a notepad and pen — Often, a lot is happening during a hearing or trial. Have a notepad and pen ready to take down notes.
  9. 9. Bring copies of your evidence and documents — You can better follow what is going on if you have copies of evidence and documents to view during the hearing or trial.
  10. Ask your lawyer — Your personal injury lawyer in Maryland at Leviness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. is there to help you. Let your attorney answer any questions you might have about hearing procedures and courtroom demeanor.