Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys: When Booms Go Bust – Injury By Firework

Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys: When Booms Go Bust - Injury By Firework

To the delight of young and old throughout the United States, July 4 is a reliable thrill for its nighttime fireworks and aerial displays. But what happens when fireworks go astray and the sound of sirens replaces the playing of a patriotic march?  Each year fireworks cause serious injury and this year was no different.

An aerial firework shell fell and exploded among a crowd of people gathered to watch the fireworks display at the local high school football field in Apollo, PA. Among the injured were a woman with head cuts and two children with puncture wounds and second-degree burns from the shrapnel. The company staging the show noted its “deep regrets.”

As personal injury attorneys, we understand the danger of explosive devices. Pretty to look at, fireworks can cause severe injury and death. Although the numbers are not yet in for 2013, at least six people died and 8,700 were injured in fireworks accidents in 2012.

The Fourth of July means fireworks. Next year, consider these tips for staying safe:

  • Never allow children to play with fireworks unattended. Even sparklers burn at a temperature hot enough to melt certain metals.
  • Fireworks should not be aimed at others or lit inside cans or bottles.
  • Leave the construction of fireworks to professionals – deadly accidents happen to those trying to build their own.
  • Ignite only fireworks that are legal in Maryland.
  • If you attend a fireworks display, consider sitting far enough away from the ignition stage to avoid ground explosions.

Like other personal injuries, fireworks accidents should not happen — but they do. If injured, speak with a reputable Maryland personal injury attorney at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. today.