Baltimore Personal Injury Attorneys: Dangerous World – The Latest Recalls


As we discussed earlier, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) is charged with investigating, regulating and alerting consumers about potentially hazardous products, from yard tools to baby toys.

Despite safety rules and legislation, our world is filled with dangerous objects, and more are manufactured every day. Consider the following recent recalls listed on the CPSC website:

  • First Impressions Varsity Jackets. Manufactured in China, about 8,700 of these jackets were sold at Macy’s. Snaps on the jacket may come off, posing a choking hazard.
  • UCO Arka LED lanterns. Manufactured in China and distributed by REI, approximately 2,300 lanterns were sold. The wall charger for the lantern can malfunction, overheat and cause a fire hazard.
  • Kenmore Dehumidifiers. Manufactured in China and sold by Sears, almost 800,000 units have been recalled due to overheating, unit melt, and fire and burn risk.
  • Toys-R-Us Remote Controlled Helicopter. Manufactured in China and distributed by Toys-R-Us, about 7,000 units were sold in the United States and Canada. The rechargeable battery in the helicopter can overheat, leading to fire and burn risk.
  • ATG Replacement Battery for MacBook Pro. Manufactured in China and sold by Best Buy, about 5,000 batteries have been sold. The battery may overheat and cause a fire.

People are at risk every day on the job, in the home, on the road and in health care settings. It is a dangerous world and each individual and family does their best to stay safe.

Government agencies can help, but usually only in hindsight. If you or a loved one are injured in an accident, speak to an established Baltimore personal injury attorney at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. for sound legal advice.