Baltimore Hospital Negligence Lawyers: Injuries From Big Rig Collisions Can Be Deadly and So Can Errors at the Hospital

How many times have you heard the traffic reporter announce that the Beltway Outer Loop is closed due to a tractor trailer crash? Any motorist in Maryland can attest to the growing number of 18-wheeler trucks on the state’s highways.

When that big rig jackknifed in front of you, you had nowhere to go, lost control of your car and crashed into a protective barrier. Your injuries were serious and you subsequently required emergency surgery at the hospital in Towson, Maryland that included a blood transfusion. Now, months later, you have hypertension and you are having respiratory issues.

What happened? Why are these symptoms continuing to cause you pain and suffering? An April 2011 article in The Lancet discussed the U.S. Institute of Medicine’s landmark 1999 report “To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System,” and stated that:

  • Avoidable medical errors contributed to between 44, 000 and 98, 000 deaths annually in U.S. hospitals.
  • Errors in hospitals were the eighth leading cause of death nationwide. That’s more than breast cancer, AIDS and motor vehicle accidents.
  • More than 10 years after the 1999 report was issued, the issue of medical errors persists and may even be greater now. In the April issue of Health Affairs, David Classen reports that as many as one in three patients in the U.S. encounters a medical error during a hospital stay.
  • The most common medical errors are medication errors, followed by surgical errors, procedure errors and infections.

If you’re not recovering from your injuries as you expected, you may be the victim of a medical error that occurred at the hospital where you received your initial care. Call for a consultation today with the experienced Baltimore hospital negligence lawyers at Leviness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A.. We can help you assess whether or not you have legal recourse.