Wrong Prescription? Incorrect Dosage? Who’s to Blame?

Gone are the days of going to the corner drugstore with a hand-written prescription from your doctor for medication to clear an illness. The pharmacist knew the doctor and vice versa. The store was a part of the community and a fixture in the neighborhood for years. The pharmacist knew you and your family and that personal relationship was one of trust.

With the advent of the digital age and e-prescribing, doctors send in electronic prescriptions to mega-size stores where pharmacists fill prescriptions anonymously for hundreds of people. Now, you can drive through to pick up your prescription. It’s convenient but it couldn’t be any more impersonal. And is it really safer?

What degree of trust do you have in the pharmacist behind that glass? They make mistakes, too ¾ and the impact of taking a wrong medication or improper dosage can be devastating. The Maryland Board of Pharmacy’s mission statement is to protect Maryland consumers and to promote quality healthcare in the field of pharmacy through:

  • Licensing pharmacists and registering pharmacy technicians
  • Issuing permits to pharmacies and distributors
  • Setting pharmacy practice standards and through developing and enforcing regulations and legislation
  • Resolving complaints
  • Educating the public

The state government is doing its part to protect you from an administrative perspective. However, even with e-prescribing — which is supposed to reduce errors in interpretation of handwriting — pharmacists can make mistakes. Human error in filling a prescription is always a concern.

If you think an error at the pharmacy has caused you to have medical complications or injury, call for a consultation with the experienced malpractice attorneys in Baltimore at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A.. It’s worth your time to know your rights and have an advocate to help you through any legal proceedings that may be required.