Maryland Accident Lawyers: Lessons Learned Too Late

Maryland Accident Lawyers: Lessons Learned Too LateAlmost a year ago, we talked about a massive chain reaction accident on Interstate 75 near Gainesville, Florida that involved 25 cars and took eleven lives in the early hours of January 29.  Dense smoke from a nearby fire limited motorist visibility.

Our job is to represent people injured in car and other vehicle accidents.  We pursue compensation for their losses and the injury done to them through the negligence of others.  After any accident, investigation is a key aspect of determining fault and learning how to keep the same tragedies from happening again.

In the Gainesville accident, investigation revealed a near-miss story, an accident that might not have happened if the warnings of one Highway Patrol officer had been heeded.  Elements of the crash included:

  • A nearby fire pumping smoke and soot across the Interstate, causing road closure at midnight
  • A decision by a ranking Highway Patrol officer to open the road by approximately 3:00 AM despite concern expressed by another officer about smoke rolling back over the highway
  • Lack of patrol officers on the scene when smoke again blanketed the highway, leading to the first collision about 3:45 AM

Lessons learned through the loss of 11 lives should never be forgotten but too often, they are.

In the early hours of Thanksgiving morning 2012, on Interstate 10 about 80 miles from Houston, Texas, 140 cars and trucks were involved in a massive chain reaction accident.  Two died and more than 80 were injured as dense fog limited motorist visibility.

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