Car Accident Lawyer in Maryland: Ice and Snow, Take It Slow

While 2012 was one of the five warmest years on Baltimore record books, winter 2013 has brought frigid temperatures, freezing rain and snow. All of these make driving a dangerous chore.

Every winter, poor weather contributes to car and other vehicle accidents. It does not take much to slide across a road into another vehicle or slip on winter ice. We aggressively pursue compensation for you when you are hurt by the negligence of others — but preventing any accident is easier than its legal remedy. Consider these tips for handling inclement weather this year:

  • On foot: Wear boots that fit with a rugged sole intended for ice and snow.  Keep sidewalks clear and help elderly neighbors maintain safe walkways.  Take small steps when hazarding icy roads and shuffle if needed.  Falls commonly occur getting into or out of vehicles, so use your car for support if needed.
  • Drive safe: Keep your car tuned and maintained.  Top off your gas tank, and keep a shovel and bag of cat litter in the trunk for traction if spinning your wheels.  Travel with a cell phone. Keep extra gloves, blanket, food and flashlight in the truck for emergencies.  Know where you are going and give yourself extra time to get there.

With some meteorological luck, 2013 will bring us mild weather without threats like Hurricane Sandy.  But do not count on luck when you venture forth this winter. Be prepared, buckle up and watch out for others on the road when driving conditions are hazardous.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact a skilled car accident lawyer in Maryland at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. for legal advice on how to get the compensation you deserve.