Maryland Birth Injury Attorneys: Medical Malpractice and Birth Injuries

Expectant parents have many hopes and fears. Will the delivery go well? Will our baby be healthy? Will we be good parents? They take birthing classes, stock up on diapers and arrange for time off from work. Even with the best preparations, however, every birth has risks — including the possibility that a physician or staff member might make a poor judgment or careless error resulting in a serious birth injury.

Birth traumas that meet the standards of medical malpractice — serious injuries caused by a failure to adhere to accepted standards of medical practice and care — can include the following:

  • Perinatal asphyxia, or lack of oxygen, due to placement of umbilical cord or extended period of time in the birth canal
  • Brain injury due to use of forceps or vacuum extractor
  • Failure to properly monitor fetal heartbeat
  • Untreated seizures or infections
  • Delay in or failure to perform a necessary cesarean delivery

Some birth injuries, such as a fractured clavicle or facial bruising, heal with no long-term effects. However, damage to the brain or nervous system can cause permanent and often severe physical or mental disability, including:

  • Cognitive impairment or seizure disorders from oxygen deprivation, infection or head trauma
  • Cerebral palsy from damage to section of the brain that controls muscles
  • Erb’s or Klumpke’s palsy from damage to the nerves that control arm and hand movements

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