Baltimore Trucking Accident Lawyers: The Best Way to Avoid Trucking Accidents

In addition to carrying the products you use every day, truck drivers are among the most courteous and helpful individuals on the roadways. However, anyone riding in a passenger vehicle can sustain severe injuries or fatalities in collisions with massive 20,000-pound trucks. You cannot necessarily avoid every potential accident – but you can reduce the risk a great deal by learning how to share the road safely. offers a number of valuable tips on sharing the road with truckers. The first thing every driver should understand is that while the height of a truck makes truckers capable of seeing distant objects, they often have significant blind spots that limit their ability to see vehicles driving near them. Do not maintain a position on either side of a truck, and do not expect truckers to see you driving directly behind them.

You also need to avoid getting into situations that force trucks to make sudden stops because their weight makes these impossible. Do not cut directly in front of a truck and then slow down or stop. In fact, your best overall strategy involves moving to another lane when driving in front of a truck, if possible.

Finally, if you cannot avoid a trucking accident you need to recognize that any claims or lawsuits you file involve significant legal complexities. Do not take any legal action until you can obtain advice and support from an experienced truck accident attorney who understands how the trucking industry and local and federal laws governing its operations work. Contact the Baltimore trucking accident lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. today with your claim or legal issues.