Why You Should Seek Medical Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries

Hundreds of people are killed in Maryland auto accidents each year, and tens of thousands are injured. Despite the prevalence of injury, many people choose to forgo medical treatment immediately following an accident. They may feel overwhelmed and do not want the additional stress of visiting the hospital, or they may be concerned about the costs of medical treatment. Often, people believe they are not injured or that their injuries are not serious enough to warrant treatment.

When it comes to your health and safety, it is always better to take extra precautions. The adrenaline you experience right after an accident can mask pain and other indicators of serious injury. Furthermore, some internal and other serious injuries may not be immediately evident. These injuries require in-depth medical screening to be detected.

While visiting the hospital after a car crash may be the last thing you want to do, it is important not to delay treatment. Waiting to screen for and treat certain injuries can increase their severity and possible long-term effects. Medical evaluations are also critical in any insurance or civil claim you may choose to pursue. Thorough documentation and prompt treatment of injuries are important evidence when it comes to recovering compensation for your injuries.

It is understandable to have concerns about how you will pay for medical treatment, but if your injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence, an attorney can help you get compensation to cover those bills. When it comes to the aftermath of an accident, you should always put your health first. Legal remedies are possible for dealing with the financial concerns, but you do not want to risk irreversible damage by not seeking treatment. After getting medical attention for your injuries, contact the Baltimore auto accident attorneys of LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. for legal advice concerning your accident.