Baltimore Car Accident Attorneys: Product Liability and Auto Accidents

When it comes to negligence and auto accidents, most people think of drivers whose failure to use proper caution causes serious injury to others. Driver error is very common, but negligence in auto accidents can also come in the form of defective or malfunctioning vehicles, parts, or related products.

We hear about vehicle recalls in the news all the time. A recall is when a manufacturer announces that it is taking certain of its products off the market due to a known defect, either voluntarily or because it has been ordered to do so by a safety monitoring body. Customers who have purchased the product are notified directly as well.

Unfortunately, recalls often do not happen until enough customers complain of a defect. Oftentimes serious accidents and injuries have already occurred. Other times, the manufacturer may fail to properly notify government authorities and consumers about a particular safety defect. Toyota has paid tens of millions of dollars in penalties for mishandling auto recalls that put consumers in serious danger from unintended sudden acceleration.

A vehicle malfunction may lead to a driver losing control of the vehicle, the vehicle catching on fire, brake failures, vehicle stalling, or other potentially catastrophic events that can result in serious injury for the driver and others on the road.

Recalls of airbags, tires, and child safety seats are also very common, and these defective products can lead to serious injury or death on roadways. If you believe a defective part or vehicle led to your auto accident or injury, contact the Baltimore car accident attorneys at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. for help in pursuing your claim.