Baltimore Injury Attorneys for Nursing Home Negligence: Wrongful Deaths in Nursing Homes

When families place a senior in a nursing home, they expect that long-term care facility to provide appropriate medical, nutritional, and personal care to their loved one. Unfortunately, understaffed institutions with tight budgets do not always ensure that residents have enough to eat and drink, or that their bed sheets are clean and dry. This kind of basic neglect can cause serious harm or death to a vulnerable elderly person.

A recent CBS News report looked at 3,500 nursing home inspection reports citing failure to provide proper levels of hydration, which resulted in 500 serious injuries or deaths.  Seniors often do not feel thirsty or may not be able to get up to pour themselves a glass of water, even if decreased kidney function or medications have depleted their level of fluids. Dehydration in this population can cause confusion, headaches, weakness, low blood pressure, pneumonia, urinary tract infections and death.

In fact, dehydration, malnutrition, pressure sores and untreated infections are responsible for half of nursing home injuries and deaths. CBS called neglect “the silent killer” in nursing homes. If you suspect that neglect was a factor in the death of your family member, do not remain silent. The experienced Baltimore injury attorneys at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. will investigate your case, help you report the incident to the proper Maryland authorities, and bring a wrongful death claim against the nursing home if neglect or abuse was a factor in the death of your loved one.