Car Accident Attorney in Maryland: Compensation for Car Accidents

One of the most important questions we are asked by clients is the value of their claim. Establishing value of an injury claim stemming from a vehicle accident or medical malpractice depends on factors as unique as the client who is injured.

After injury, some people hesitate to bring a legal claim, or are concerned about dealing with insurance companies.  Waiting to ask the hard questions about a legal claim for personal injury is a mistake.  Although in most cases there is a three-year statute of limitations to bring a legal claim, memory and evidence disappears long before that.  If injured in a car accident, call our office as soon as you are able.

The value of a claim is what you might expect to be offered to settle the claim, or what we think you might obtain if the case goes to court.  Most personal injury matters settle.  Our firm gets outstanding results at settlement and at trial — recently we obtained a jury verdict for $4 million, the highest in the state for an automobile accident.

No attorney can or should guarantee a settlement figure or a verdict sum. Issues that bear on the amount of money you are offered after an injury include:

  • Type, severity, and permanence of injury
  • Medical expenses and adjusted living costs, present and future
  • Economic loss
  • Strength of case facts

What is the value of your case?  It depends.  If injured, call an experienced car accident attorney in Maryland at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A.. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.