Personal Injury Lawyer in Maryland: Understanding Spinal Cord Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer in Maryland: Understanding Spinal Cord Injury

Along with traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries (SCI) can be life-altering, disabling and ultimately fatal.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate more than 200,000 people are living with SCI in the United States, with approximately 20,000 new cases reported annually.

The vertebrae of the backbone form passage for the whitish spinal cord that leads from the brain to the tailbone. Damage to the vertebrae or the spinal cord can happen anywhere along the backbone. Force from an automobile collision, sports injury or other accident break and crush vertebrae, sending shards into the spinal column or severing the cord itself.

SCI also occurs during surgery. Anesthesia errors deprive the body of oxygen, permanently affecting neuronal tissue in the brain and spinal cord. Accidental damage to the spinal cord during back surgery can have devastating results.

Depending on level and severity of injury, SCI results in loss of sensation, loss of motor function and paralysis. Symptoms and disability are unique to each individual.

The CDC notes major causes of SCI are automobile accidents and falls. Using a seatbelt every time you ride in a car is an easy way to improve odds against spinal injury should an accident occur.

True accidents rarely happen. More often accidents are caused by mistake or negligence. Mistakes, in a car or during a medical procedure, create a lifetime of suffering for our clients. If you suffer SCI, call our office to discuss your accident claim. We are here to fight for your future and help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Maryland at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. immediately for a free consultation so we can evaluate your case and advise you accordingly. Remember, there is no fee or expense until we win your case.