Maryland Truck Accident Lawyers: Reducing Truck Rollovers—New Safety Proposals

To reduce rollover rates of trucks and buses, in May the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed requirement of electronic stability control systems (ESC) on large commercial vehicles like tractor-trailers and motorcoaches.

The proposal, available on the Federal Register, aims to reduce rollover injury and fatalities by improving computer-aided stability features in large vehicles, including automatic braking and steering.

The proposal notes rollover crashes of combination tractor-trailer trucks is twice that of single unit trucks. In 2009, NHTSA reports combination units were involved in 3,000 collisions and 268 fatal crashes.

In handling claims from these devastating accidents for years, our attorneys in Baltimore see first-hand the grief and disability experienced by victims of serious truck injury. The proposal would require ESC equipment on combination units and other types of vehicles within two to four years of the effective date of the new safety standard. This proposal is an important step forward in using existing technology to improve safety on our nation’s highways.

The comment period on the safety proposal is open until August of this year and NHTSA plans to hold a public hearing during the comment period. Basic information about the proposal includes:

  • Goals of preventing up to 2,329 rollover crashes and between 600 to 800 injuries
  • Reduction of fatalities from large vehicle accidents by approximately 40 to 60 people
  • Cost to install ESC equipment per unit is estimated at $1,160

Fewer rollovers means fewer lives taken too soon. Sounds like a good idea.

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