Auto Accident Attorneys in Maryland: Car Accidents and Police Reports


The spot where vehicles come to rest after an accident is important. Injured parties are treated and transported, evidence is gathered, traffic is routed and vehicles are towed. Eventually, the scene again becomes an anonymous part of the roadway.

Unless the accident involved multiple vehicles or trucks, it is likely police will be the only investigators to the scene while it holds elements of the accident that occurred there. When one of my clients suffers injury, those observed elements become a crucial aspect of my case for compensation on their behalf.

In any accident, police have a duty to establish basic facts. Parties, accident description, time of day and other factors are recorded in a motor vehicle accident report. For an injured party, an accident report is the first document requested once an insurance claim is filed.

If involved in an accident, obtaining a police report is a good idea to protect a claim for compensation. In any case, police must be called to the scene in the following circumstances:

  • There was an injury or death
  • Vehicles cannot be moved
  • Public property is damaged
  • A driver lacks a license
  • A driver appears impaired

In Maryland, proving the negligence of the party who injured my client is essential. So is proving our client was not partially at fault. If injured in a vehicle accident, make sure police are on the scene. And make sure you call one of our auto accident attorneys in Maryland at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. for the skilled legal representation you need.