Baltimore Auto Accident Attorneys: Aggressive Driving Hurts

As a personal injury attorney, the focus of my legal practice is people who are hurt. Injury is personal, and a collision initiates a string of medical, insurance and sometimes legal actions to gain help, determine cause and gain financial compensation for losses.

For decades, I have seen the results of aggressive driving. Still called reckless driving, the term aggressive better describes the overall demeanor of people who use vehicles to express their emotions. Like injury, aggressive driving is personal.

Aggressive driving hurts. The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) reports an average of 5600 car accidents occur each year due to aggressive drivers, killing about 70 people annually.

Identifying aggressive driving behavior

You may be an aggressive driver. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines aggressive behavior as endangering other people and property. Do you do the following?

  • Weave in traffic
  • Cut off other cars
  • Refuse to allow cars to merge into your lane
  • Speed
  • Stop abruptly
  • Tailgate

Our firm’s greatest satisfaction is helping people when they need it the most. We help people every day overcome events and injuries that should never have happened. Aggressive driving — and the hurt it causes — does not need to happen.

If you recognize yourself as an aggressive driver, next time you are in the car, give yourself extra time to get where you are going. Relax and set your temper aside when behind the wheel. Preventing an accident is easier than managing the very personal result. But if you have still unfortunately become involved in an auto accident involving aggressive driving, either on your part or another drivers’, contact a skilled Baltimore auto accident attorney at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. for a free legal consultation and information on how to move forward with your accident claim.