Baltimore Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers: Is it Elder Abuse?

Our law firm represents people who are injured through the negligent or reckless actions of others. There is no more vulnerable population than people incapacitated by illness and age.

Nursing home neglect is a serious and growing problem. The U.S. Administration on Aging estimates 11 percent of the elder population in our country suffers some form of abuse. Many seniors who suffer elder abuse simply no longer have the words to say what is happening to them.

Aging is not easy, nor is it pretty. Symptoms of elder abuse or nursing negligence are sometimes mistaken for normal complaints of aging. Stay alert for these signs of abuse:

  • Too much or too little medication, conflicting medications or inappropriate use of medication as form of restraint
  • Signs of inappropriate physical restraint or confinement
  • Reports or signs of assault, sexual assault, shaking, beating or slapping
  • Presence of wounds, cuts, bruises or pressure sores
  • Infections
  • Poor hygiene
  • Physical or medical neglect
  • Unusual behavior like extreme agitation, fear and withdrawal
  • Negligent supervision (as evidenced by a patient wandering away from the facility)
  • Injury
  • Unexplained death

Like domestic abuse, elder abuse occurs across socio-economic levels and in any type of nursing facility. And like domestic abuse, it is usually private, intimate and known only by the abuser and the abused — unless you know the signs.

If you suspect elder abuse, call our Baltimore nursing home negligence lawyers. We are dedicated to fighting for you — and your vulnerable loved ones.