Maryland Auto Accident Attorneys: Distracted Driving and Auto Accidents

Even before the dangers of texting while driving received national attention, distracted driving in general was a major contributing factor to a huge number of accidents in the United States. Remain alert and awake and off of devices to avoid distracted driving auto accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 5,474 people died in 2009 in crashes where driver distraction was a contributing factor.  Nearly 448,000 were injured.  Approximately one in six fatal crashes and one in five injury crashes were caused, at least in part, by one or more of the drivers involved being distracted.  The causes of this distraction went beyond cell phone use to include eating, reading maps, using a GPS system, adjusting the radio, or even simply talking to passengers.

Driving has become so commonplace for many people that they forgot how complex a process it really is.  However, when drivers do not give their full attention to the road, accidents happen, and people get hurt or even die.  When distracted driving rises to the level of negligence, the law holds the responsible driver to account for the auto accidents he or she caused.

Because using a cell phone to talk or text while driving is illegal in Maryland, it gives personal injury attorneys an especially strong argument for negligence.  However, other conduct that is not necessarily illegal can create just as much of a hazard.  An experienced attorney can identify and obtain evidence of this conduct and use it to make a compelling argument for his or her injured client. Contact the Maryland auto accident attorneys at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. today for legal advice and representation in your accident case.