Adding Physical Disability Accommodations to Your Home

Adding Physical Disability Accommodations to Your HomeYour life can change in an instant. If you are injured in an accident, the physical injuries can last a lifetime. From getting up in the morning until you go to bed at night, your routine may now be completely different.

Sometimes your injuries are so severe that you will need to add accommodations to your home. Following is a partial list of accommodations people may need to add to their homes after an accident:

  • Install wheelchair ramp
  • Widen doorways
  • Install revolving shelves
  • Convert ground-floor room into a bedroom
  • Install bedrails/handrails
  • Portable toilet for bedroom
  • Lower shelving and cabinets
  • Install slide-out shelving
  • Replace round doorknobs with lever  handles
  • Install hand-held showerheads
  • Install shower or tub chair
  • Install raised toilet seat
  • Install crank-operated windows
  • Install telephones with large buttons
  • Install an emergency response system
  • Install additional lighting
  • Remove loose rugs
  • Install non-slip flooring

As you can guess, these costs can add up and become extremely expensive. However, in the event of a lawsuit, all of the expenses can be compensated.

If you or someone you know were involved in a catastrophic accident, talk to an experienced and compassionate Baltimore injury attorney at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton today.